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Cargotec’s strategy aims at profitable growth

Cargotec has updated its strategy for the years 2015–2018. During the period, Cargotec aims to secure profitable growth by focusing on services, digitalisation and people leadership. The target is to transform Cargotec’s position from a global equipment provider to the global leader in intelligent cargo handling, with a strong services and solution offering in cargo and load handling business.


Cargotec’s corporate must-win battles are:

Build world-class service offering: The business areas have significant growth potential in services. The overall goal is to achieve best-in-class industry standards both operationally and financially.

Lead digitalisation
: Digitalisation will enable new business concepts and models, add value to Cargotec products, enhance Cargotec’s service businesses and drive the internal and external process development. Digitalisation helps Cargotec to continue its established track record in providing leading-edge sustainable solutions.

Build world-class leadership
: Leadership excellence is imperative in driving performance, attracting and retaining the best available talent and enabling and accelerating the strategy implementation and success in target completion.

Cargotec’s business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor share the Cargotec must-win battles, each also having their specific focus areas.​​