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Cargotec’s strategy aims at profitable growth

Cargotec has updated its strategy for the years 2015–2018. During the period, Cargotec aims to secure profitable growth by focusing on services, digitalisation and people leadership. The target is to transform Cargotec’s position from a global equipment provider to the global leader in intelligent cargo handling, with a strong services and solution offering in cargo and load handling business.


Cargotec’s corporate must-win battles are:

Build world-class service offering: The business areas have significant growth potential in services. The overall goal is to achieve best-in-class industry standards both operationally and financially.

Lead digitalisation
: Digitalisation will enable new business concepts and models, add value to Cargotec products, enhance Cargotec’s service businesses and drive the internal and external process development. Digitalisation helps Cargotec to continue its established track record in providing leading-edge sustainable solutions.

Build world-class leadership
: Leadership excellence is imperative in driving performance, attracting and retaining the best available talent and enabling and accelerating the strategy implementation and success in target completion.

Cargotec’s business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor share the Cargotec must-win battles, each also having their specific focus areas.​​


Kalmar’s strategy focuses on profitable growth with a target of becoming the number one automation and container handling solution provider in its industry. To make this happen, Kalmar aims to win in automation and grow in software. Additionally, it wants to sustain global leadership in mobile equipment and excel in spare parts. Kalmar’s key enablers to achieve these goals are digitalisation, operational excellence and people: a winning attitude and a culture of trust
among Kalmar employees will enable the realisation of the strategy​.


Hiab is determined to grow its market position. The growth strategy means different things in different business lines: in Demountables a better leverage
of products is needed and in Truck-Mounted Forklifts the growth strategy calls for an expansion into new markets. In Taillifts, Hiab will target a more global business model, whereas in the Crane business it wants to gain market share in core markets and speed up innovation. Common for all Hiab businesses is a high focus on services and a stronger local presence to enable global growth.
Digital connectivity, services and leadership are high on Hiab’s agenda. Hiab puts a special emphasis on innovation to meet customer needs and to improve
their businesses.


MacGregor shapes the offshore and marine industries by offering world-leading engineering solutions and services with a strong brand portfolio. During the strategy period it will drive a transition from a leading equipment provider to a true value-creating services and solutions expert to reach an even stronger leading position in the offshore and marine industries. Digitalisation, innovative offering and shiptype solution development help to differentiate and further strengthen MacGregor’s leading position in the industry. MacGregor develops its operations to guarantee profitability through the cycle. This will be achieved by putting further emphasis on effectiveness and competitiveness. It will focus on its operations
in China to win in its biggest market. Excellence in services will allow its customers to focus on their core business, being assured that their investments yield a return over the equipment lifetime.