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Sustainability roadmap and targets for 2016

Cargotec sustainability roadmap and targets for 2016 are directly derived from our corporate-level must-win battles. Sustainability has an increasingly important role in our business operations and how we act as a good corporate citizen.


Our sustainability targets for 2016 are:

1. Permanent sustainability reviews
Sustainability review is included in business area reviews annually - review is conducted in the business area management team and Executive Board meetings bi-annually. Additionally, sustainability review will be conducted in the Board of Directors meeting once a year.
2. IIFR 5
Level 5 of industrial injury frequency rate (IIFR) at manufacturing sites. In 2015, IIFR at manufacturing sites was 5.76. We prepare also to set concrete IIFR targets for all service sites from the beginning of 2017.
3. Service Environment, health & safety (EHS) concept setup
Service EHS concept implemented by the end of the year to ensure that all Cargotec maintenance personnel have received renewed environmental and safety training.
4. Supplier evaluation
Sustainability risk analyses and audit plans for suppliers developed further by the third quarter of 2016.

We will put effort into achieving a stronger management culture and create measurable sustainability KPIs, both at the corporate level and in all business areas.
The focus of sustainability is on daily operations, so that we can ensure a safe workplace for all employees with clear processes and responsibilities. Having the basics in place helps us in providing value-adding products and solutions to our customers as a sustainable and compliant company.
The way of working at Cargotec is defined in our Code of Conduct. This is also a foundation for our culture and sustainability work. By following our sustainability roadmap we also strengthen our ethical integrity. To ensure we have a confidential channel for raising and addressing Code of Conduct concerns and violations we have implemented and externally hosted speak-up line. The speak-up line can be accessed by both internal and external parties through this web link. The speak-up line allows for anonymous reporting and is managed by Cargotec Ethics and Compliance department.
Cargotec has published its Sustainability review 2015, you can read it here