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Cargotec’s governance and management are based on the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Securities Markets Act, the rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, as well as the company’s Articles of Association and Code of Conduct. Cargotec complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code of 2015, available on the Securities Market Association’s website at
Cargotec’s shareholders at the Shareholders’ meeting exercise the highest decision making power. The company is managed by the Board of Directors and the CEO.


Cargotec keeps in touch with its stakeholders by means of open communication and dialogue while attending to its stakeholder relations in a sincere, impartial and confidential manner. However, the rules of the stock exchange may restrict communications in various ways.

Continuously updated information on Cargotec is available on the company's website at Stock exchange releases and press releases are available on the website immediately after they have been published.

Cargotec has a Disclosure policy approved by the Board of Directors which describes the main principles for disclosing price sensitive information to stakeholders and communicating with the capital markets.


 Corporate governance statement


Cargotec's Corporate governance statement is annually issued as a separate report and disclosed, together with the financial statements, Board of Directors’ report and the remuneration statement, on the company website. See Governance archive​