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Dividend and dividend policy

​Dividend policy

Cargotec Corporation’s Board of Directors has confirmed the company’s dividend policy. Cargotec's growth targets and the resulting financing needs have been taken into account in determining the dividend policy.According to the dividend policy Cargotec’s annual dividend will be 30 - 50 percent of earnings per share.

Dividend distribution

In dividend distribution, class B shares earn a higher dividend than class A shares. The difference between dividends paid on the two classes of shares is a minimum of one (1) cent and a maximum of two and a half (2.5) cents.

Dividend 2016

The Annual General Meeting on 21 March 2017 approved a dividend of
EUR 0.94 be paid for each of class A shares and a dividend of EUR 0.95 be paid for each of class B shares outstanding.

The dividend was paid to shareholders who on the record date for dividend distribution, 23 March 2017, are registered as shareholders in the company's shareholder register. The dividend payment date was 30 March 2017.

2016​​ 2015​​ ​2014 2013​ 2012​
Dividend, A share​, EUR ​0.94 0.79​​ 0.54​ 0.41​​ 0.71​
​Dividend, B share, EUR 0.95 0.80​ ​0.55 0.42​​ 0.72​
​Earnings per share, EUR ​1.95​ 2.21​​ ​1.11 0.89​​ 1.45​
​Dividend/EPS, % (B share) ​48.7​ 36.1​ ​49.6 47.1 49.7​