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Empty Container Handler

Empty Container Handler

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Kalmar DCF70-100: Stacking quickly and efficiently

Handling empty containers is a fast-paced job. Containers have to be moved or stacked quickly and efficiently. They must be stacked high and close together in order to exploit the available land area to the full.




​As land area gets more and more expencive, high stacking and a minimum of ground space becomes an important factor. Kalmar fulfils both the conditions of fast and efficient stacking and the condition of minimum ground area by container trucks ; the Kalmar range of mast trucks, empty container handlers, with the market's most stable design and with side spreaders for twist-lock (single) or hook handling (double stacking).

Empty stacking is a precise and time-consuming task, with simple and accurate positioning of containers  a must. Therefore, it is important that the truck chassis, the lifting mast/boom and the side spreader are strong and stable. Kalmar empty container lift trucks with four basic capacities of 7, 8, 9 or 10 tonnes for a total stacking up to 8+1 containers height offers an extraordinary stability and total cost-efficiency.


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