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Automated Stacking Crane

Kalmar ASC+



Automatic stacking cranes (ASC) are rail-mounted cranes used for yard-stacking and in-stack transportation of containers. ASCs deposit and pick up containers from dedicated interchange areas located at both ends of the stack. The Kalmar ASC+ system is controlled and monitored by Kalmar TLS (Terminal Logistic System) software functions.

Cargotec has extensive experience in providing state-of-the-art ASCs alongside their automation and control systems as well as integration for all existing horizontal transport systems and customer TOS. The Kalmar ASC+ system features modularity in every aspect of the design, using leading technology to equip terminal operators with an extremely productive and sustainable solution. It can be gradually introduced to existing handling systems such as straddle carrier operations, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of terminal operators.
Seamless integration with the Navis TOS and the horizontal transport system – whether manned or automated – is easily facilitated. Interfaces are available for (automated) straddle carriers, (automated) Shuttle Carriers®, terminal chassis and road trucks.


The new Kalmar ASC+ crane features optimal stiffness in its portal and rope reeving systems. This simplifies the crane’s design, reducing its vulnerability and maintenance need. The crane’s design is optimised for higher performance, while the reduced weight of the crane and spreader lowers energy consumption. The Kalmar ASC+ also features intelligent idle time management and energy regeneration during lowering and braking.


The ASC system has proven cost-effective in terms of total life cycle costs. Yard space can be optimised through high stack utilisation. Housekeeping can be done effectively during offpeak hours, maximising throughput at peak times.

The Kalmar ASC system enables consistent quality, regardless of external factors such as weather conditions. It also sharply reduces the potential for human error. Highly secured operations and fully integrated systems minimise unexpected interruptions, while maximising safety.

Sustainable Solutions

Because they are electrically powered by AC drives, Kalmar ASCs produce highly minimal noise and emissions, with little maintenance required. Using the modern Active Line Module system, regenerated power is fed back into the power net, further lowering energy consumption. Particle and noise emissions of diesel-powered equipment are lowered by decoupled horizontal transport processes, such as Kalmar Autoshuttles™, and the shorter road-truck waiting times enabled by efficient housekeeping.

Experienced System Provider

Cargotec has extensive experience of providing state-of-the-art ASCs, alongside their automation and control systems. We also have a long track record in the integration of all existing horizontal transport systems and customer TOS. In addition, Cargotec can provide horizontal transport systems for unmanned waterside operations. We can also further optimise integrated equipment efficiency, by using intelligent Kalmar TLS functions. TLS can be adapted to all existing TOS systems which support automated yard operations. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Cargotec’s most productive, completely integrated solution is based on Navis TOS software.


The modular Kalmar ASC+ system consists of five (5) main modules:

Cargotec is able to advise customers on the terminal layout and equipment planning and provide further details of modular ASC+ system technology when introducing  automation.


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