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Intermodal terminals

Intermodal terminals

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Intermodal handling available around the world

In addition to conventional ports and terminals, there is nowadays an increasing need to move traffic from roads to rail, barge and other modes of transport. This is due to environmental reasons, but also because existing road infrastructure cannot handle the increasing level of traffic. This means that more intermodal terminals are being realised. In these terminals, efficient operations require equipment for handling containers, trailers and swop bodies.  


Reachstackers are widely used in intermodal operations, due to their flexibility and speed. One or two rail tracks can be accessed from the side. Also, lift trucks with extended gantry spreaders can be used for accessing the first rail.

RTG cranes


RTG cranes can be effectively used for handling containers or trailers on railcars. Up to four rail tracks can be covered simultaneously, and containers can also be stored at the side of the rail tracks. RTG cranes are most effective when high numbers of railcars are handled systematically. RMG cranes are commonly used in large rail operations, as several tracks can be covered simultaneously. With cantilevered RMG cranes, road truck traffic can be easily separated from rail operations.

Straddle carriers 

Alternatively Straddle Carriers can be used in handling containers on railcars. This requires an on-dock rail yard with a short distance to the main container yard in order to remain economical.



For our intermodal handling solutions we offer our customers a wide range of related services . Cargotec's worldwide sales and service network covers 120 countries and is always close to our customers, ready to meet their specific needs and requirements.


Cargotec solutions serve various purposes: