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Yard Operations

Yard operations

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Leading the way

The yard is often at the heart of the container terminal, facilitating for (temporary) storage of containers in the stack. The stack accommodates both arriving and departing containers, providing a buffer until being called for shipment to their next destination – whether by boat, barge, train or truck. For handling the container flows to and from as well as within the stack, Cargotec provides a range of options: Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG), Automated Stacking Cranes (ASC), reachstackers and straddle carriers.  

RTG cranes


When facing a high capacity stack requirement, rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) are the most suited option to stack containers higher and wider than other systems allow. The modern Kalmar RTGs provide optimum availability and don’t require separate interchange areas. The E-One2 product family features a hybrid, zero emission (electric) and SmartPower RTG in addition to the family workhorse. The high classification of the cranes structure and components ensures reliable operation and a long lifetime for each of them.

SmartPort process automation




The RTGs can be equipped with the SmartRail automated steering to improve the efficiency and safety. As part of the same process automation solutions within Cargotec SmartPort, SmartStack (real-time, accurate inventory of containers), SmartLifts (co-ordination between container handling equipment and trucks) and SmartTrucks (real-time visibility of movements and automatic updates of work) can also be applied to improve the efficiency of the yard operations.


Automatic stacking crane (ASC) systems 



Automatic stacking crane (ASC) systems are gaining popularity as they offer high stacking density with low labour usage. ASCs are rail-mounted cranes used for yard stacking and in-stack transportation, producing very little noise and low emissions per handled container. ASCs can also be gradually introduced into existing handling systems, such as a straddle carrier operation. Cargotec delivers turnkey ASC systems, cranes included, with all the related automation, control and monitoring systems. 


Straddle carriers




A stack based on the operations of straddle carriers allows for a combination of the transport between the quay and the stack with the operations in the stack itself. It is perhaps the fastest choice for medium-size terminals handling between 100,000 and 4,000,000 TEU a year. Cargotec has recently launched the seventh generation Kalmar straddle carrier family, offering the optimum choice for every type of straddle carrier operator.


Spreaders are an important element of yard operations both in the case of RTGs, ASCs and straddle carriers. Bromma spreaders have been in operation globally for 50 years, remaining productive, reliable and durable under conditions that are never ideal. Ultimately spreaders contribute directly to efficient stack handling.


Handling containers with reachstackers is among the best and most flexible solutions for small and medium-sized ports and multi-purpose terminals. Cargotec's Kalmar DRF reachstackers are well-known for their high performance and low emission levels. Their computer control system helps to reduce fuel consumption and prevent costly damage to the engine and gearbox.  They are available in a range of models and options, including top-lift and combi-lift configurations.

​The modern Kalmar RTG design offers good availability. The machine requires minimal on-going maintenance. Its power package is at ground level and the EE-house is positioned close by on top of the sill beam.