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2019 strategic targets and outcomes

This text is an extract from the Cargotec Annual review 2019. Links to the 2019 annual review documents can be found on the left.

Must-win battles 2019–2021

2019 targets

2019 outcomes

2020 targets

Win through customer centricity Enhance customer insight capabilities. Develop and drive adoption of customer relationship management and field service tools. Engage teams and leaders in customer centricity and collaboration. CRM and analytics deployed with improvements and driving utilisation. Field services tools  under deployment and closer to completion. Customer centricity councils established among sales management to promote customer-focused collaboration. Cross business area councils to share best practices. Upkeep high levels of customer delivery. Improvements in CRM and customer data quality. Enhance mechanism to listen and respond to customer needs. Various strategic marketing initiatives based on business area needs, e.g. strategic account management activities, customer journey mapping, segmentation and differentiated offerings.
Productivity for growth Review operating models and practices to empower frontline to act for customers and to increase internal efficiency. Continue implementation of in-house shared services operations for administrative activities. Improve internal and external business processes by utilising digital solutions. Cargotec development office established to prioritise and drive business cases in internal initiatives. Operating models improved for efficiency and performance. Lean community of practice established to enhance capabilities in Lean. Shared service implementation on track with ½ of planned countries completed, covering ~¾ of our business (sales). Continue improvement of operating models and practices for internal efficiency. Execute supply chain development projects in Hiab and Kalmar. Continue consolidation and implementation of shared services operations. Improve internal and external business processes by utilising digital solutions.
Advance in services Continue to drive service sales. Enhance service offerings, earnings models and internal service processes by utilising digitalisation and connectivity. Improve service excellence and operations. Service sales grew by 8 percent. New offerings added to portfolio. Service agreements continue to grow in our sales mix. New service units established in countries with high installed base. New performance based earnings models introduced in some business areas. Field service tools under deployment. Continue service sales growth. Improve service profitability by improving pricing practices and effective sourcing. Streamline low performing operations. Continue deployment and adoption of field service tools.
Accelerate digitalisation Expand digital customer offering to complement equipment and service business. Accelerate development of new data-driven business models. Utilise digital solutions to optimise internal and external processes. Drive connectivity in all new equipment. Wider customer adoption of existing services, such as Hiab HiConnect and Kalmar Insight. New offerings like MacGregor OnWatch Scout launched. Connected equipment exceeded its target by 10 percent. Cargotec digital solutions hub established to speed up software and product development. Customer and internal process digitalisations continued. Continue adoption of new digital services. Enhance service and maintenance with data and digital solutions. Continue developing new data-driven business models. Invest in data analytics. Improve and automate internal and customer processes with data, automation and machine learning.
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