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Must-win battles 2019–2021

2020 targets

2020 outcomes

Win through customer centricity

We help our customers achieve their goals by aligning our offering and way of working to serve them better

Upkeep high levels of customer delivery. Improvements in CRM and customer data quality. Enhance mechanisms to listen and respond to customer needs. Various strategic marketing initiatives based on business area needs, e.g.
strategic account management activities, customer journey
mapping, segmentation and differentiated offerings.
Customer deliveries and service operations were ensured despite a challenging COVID-19 environment. Based on individual strategic business unit needs, frontlines were reconfigured to give greater empowerment and quicker decision making to serve customers even better. Strategic marketing initiatives progressed as planned with continuous improvements being made.

Productivity for growth

We focus on activities that add value and benefit our customers and us by developing our business operations and common platforms

Continue improvement of operating models and practices for internal efficiency. Execute supply chain development projects in Hiab and Kalmar. Continue consolidation and implementation of shared services operations. Improve internal and external business processes by utilising digital solutions. Supply chain development programmes in Hiab and Kalmar executed according to the schedule. Shared services implementation continued successfully despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, 78 percent of headcount is under our global shared services umbrella. Organisation adopted a virtual way of working quickly, which mitigated disruption during the pandemic and showed flexibility when necessary temporary cost saving actions were implemented.

Advance in services

We extend our offering towards intelligent solutions that enable us to serve our customers wide across their lifecycles.

Continue service sales growth. Improve service profitability by improving pricing practices and effective sourcing. Streamline low performing operations. Continue deployment and adoption of field service tools. Global service reach enabled us to support our customers at the right place and time. Digitalisation of the service offering continued and deployment of field service tools advanced.

Accelerate digitalisation

We build and expand our digital solutions to offer a great customer experience and more efficient business processes.

Continue adoption of new digital services. Enhance service and maintenance with data and digital
solutions. Continue developing new data-driven business models. Invest in data analytics. Improve and automate internal and customer processes with data, automation and machine learning.
Development on data-driven solutions continued within all business areas. Digital Solutions Hub (DiSH) contributed into various customer-facing projects to enhance customer experience through service design and data-driven solutions. Emerging Business Accelerator (EBA) function continued to support the businesses in innovating new business models and solutions to best support our customers.
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