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“I’ve had the chance to grow”

Service Centre Manager Hee-Kyung gets most inspired and energized by her colleagues, and feels that she has grown both as a person, and a professional during her time at MacGregor. She also enjoys the company’s open and international culture.

“I really like the shipbuilding business and find my work very meaningful. Oceans cover a majority of the globe, and vessels such as cargo and container ships play a very important role in the world economy. Every time  I see them, I feel proud that I have contributed to the machinery on some of them.

My current job is to ensure that the service centre runs smoothly and effectively, so that we deliver the best quality in time. An important part of my role is to support my colleagues so that they can do their best and enjoy their work. Our team of 16 is very much like a family. I’m inspired by them every day and feel blessed to be able to work with them. With their energy and motivation, we can succeed even at difficult times.

At Cargotec, I have had the chance to grow as a person and as a professional. I appreciate the leadership culture here. In addition to getting very good support from my boss, I have also attended management training. It was very motivating to study how to be a good leader.

I also enjoy the company’s open culture and the fact that it’s so international. I work with colleagues from so many countries that I feel I am travelling around the world even while sitting at my desk! I have learnt about different cultures and ways of solving problems, and feel well connected with teams across the globe.”

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