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“I get to challenge myself everyday”

Lauri joined Cargotec as a summer trainee in the spring of 2016, and after five months, he was offered a permanent contract. Now he works part-time at Cargotec while completing his finance degree studies at Turku School of Economics.

“I really like working at Cargotec. Since the very beginning, my managers have given me a lot of responsibility. My job is not all about executing tasks that someone else has planned. On the contrary, I am really encouraged to use my own thinking and expertise. It is in our company culture that managers trust their team members to be sharp and capable of taking care of their responsibilities. The company culture is also very relaxed; there is no strict hierarchy, stiffness or formality. Even the top management works in an open office.

In my job, I get to challenge myself every day. There are of course some routine tasks, but daily I also get assignments with a developmental and analytical angle, such as creating ad hoc reports and analyses. When tackling these challenges, I really get to use and apply the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned during my studies.

I work with a great team and with a wide network of colleagues, including controllers from the different business and geographical entities, as well as the Global Service Centre. I’m in daily contact with colleagues based in different parts of the world, and I find it inspiring to work with people from different cultures.

I also appreciate the fact that we have flexible working hours, so I can organize my time between leisure, work, and studies. I’m in an ideal situation really, as I get to apply my knowledge in practice and widen my expertise in an interesting job role – and at the same time, my employer is very supportive of my studies. It is great to have the chance to finish my degree while working.”

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