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“Together we can do great things”

Product Managers Lucia and Hannu work together on Kalmar OneTerminal, an integrated software and automation solution for container terminals. Lucia is from Navis, the terminal operating system provider, and Hannu is from Kalmar, which masters the container terminal equipment and software.

Lucia: “While OneTerminal includes both Kalmar and Navis products, it needs to be a seamlessly integrated product for the customer. We wanted to develop it differently from its predecessors so we integrated the work of Kalmar and Navis right from the start. For instance, we held workshops on what we all wanted to achieve from the project, and to understand what each of us was doing.”

Hannu: “As this was a new way of working, some internal process development was needed. My role was to bring a structured approach to the collaboration. Lucia and I have had regular meetings on the development roadmaps, and we will continue those although the first customers are already using the product. Communications really is key!”

Lucia: “Yes, aligning views is an important part of building the solution. Collaboration has also become easier during the project as teams now feel close and understand each other well. It has been very rewarding. The product manager’s role is to keep the project on course and ensure that all the bits and pieces match together perfectly.”

Hannu: “To me, the key to successful collaboration is honesty and I’ve been honest about everything – a stereotypical Finn! Fortunately, Lucia has taken it very well indeed.”

Lucia: “Honesty, speaking up, sharing your concerns early – these are definitely important.”

Lucia: “It is motivating to be able to make an impact and help our customers be more successful. Feeling part of something bigger – in our case, global trade. Enabling extremely important things like bringing medicines to the most remote points of the globe, as well as little things like making it possible for people to buy strawberries even in winter. Trade is everywhere around us. And I love the teams I work with – the talented, open-minded people who listen, share their ideas and want to collaborate.”

Hannu: “Doing meaningful work and helping to make the world a better place, supporting our customers in changing their way of working – even being part of changing the whole industry, and collaborating with great people. These are the things that motivate me. One cannot do much alone, but together we can do great things in automating terminals.”

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