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Career change from academic to coding and scrum mastering

Re-education brought Inari Aaltojärvi, Software Developer and Scrum Master, new content to her work. Her people-oriented personality and background is an absolute strength in technical projects.

How did you find your way to DiSH?

My path to DiSH has been through a career change - from an academic research career in sociology to coding. In my previous job as a researcher of technology and consumers, the technological nuance was strongly present, but my motivation wasn’t in the right place in an academic institution. I wanted a change and a level-up in the technical part of the work. So what could be a more technology-centric direction than coding?

As an advocate for equality, it was natural to get to know coding through the Mimmit Koodaa programme. I was hooked on coding right away! It felt natural for me because I've always loved solving problems and I knew in advance that I needed a job where I could use my brain power effectively.

After an intensive JavaScript training for career changers, I was immediately offered a job at DiSH as a junior frontend developer. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't expected to have any industry knowledge, but rather get the necessary industry knowledge from project owners before starting new projects. Coding work is like anywhere else, data just happens to be often connected to large machines that are used worldwide.

How would you describe DiSH as a team?

Although I'm a relative newcomer to coding, I feel equality with the senior-level experts. The seniors share their knowledge with less experienced colleagues on a daily basis.

I can influence projects myself and choose work that expands my technical skills. This freedom has allowed me to grow from a junior frontend developer to a software developer working on both backend and frontend, and acting as a scrum master. Because I am good with people and have the ability to explain complex technical topics in a clear way, I am very pleased to be working on the client interface today. The human-centricity also comes through in my coding, as I find it important to build solutions that are user-friendly.


Inari, a colleague of mine, has a good balance of technical skills and soft skills. From a technical perspective, she easily creates web application development with React and backend development with Node.js using agile working methods. She is active at work and in her spare time, she updates her knowledge of what's happening in the web development landscape and actively grows her technical skills. Inari's multidisciplinary background brings a different perspective to discussions on various topics. 

Inari is great with people. She has both great communication skills and the ability to clarify client requirements and understand what clients need. As a strong people person, she emphasises equality and human rights. 

Jani Rotola-Pukkila, Chief Software Architect at DiSH


DiSH is a great place for people like me who like to rotate projects and see the whole product development process from start to finish, but who also enjoy working without tight deadlines. I genuinely have time to both work and learn, and I see it as an investment for the long term.


How do you balance your work?

The creative side of my personality comes out when I play electric guitar in a post-punk band and write songs. My logical side and enthusiasm for problem-solving come through in my love of building Legos and assembling Ikea furniture. After all, my favourite thing is just being at home with my kids and pets and spending quality time with them.

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