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Jani Rotola-Pukkila’s path has taken him from in-house software development to consultancy. Then he found his place at DiSH - between these two worlds.


What was the path that brought you to Cargotec?

During my career, I have worked in an internal development department and in a consultancy company as a project manager, technology architect, lead developer, to name a few. I was looking for a change that would affect the way work was actually done and what software I was developing. DiSH offered a local team that worked physically together and with concrete machines. My interest lies in stable, large companies rather than small start-ups, but a relatively small and independent hub within a large corporation provided me with a much needed agile approach.

I went through job options in Tampere, but DiSH was the obvious first choice for me because the hub would combine the best parts of both worlds I was already familiar with: the continuity and long-term impact of business projects, but also the benefits of consultancy, such as project diversity and continuous learning. DiSH is relatively newly built, and I assumed that I would be able to influence what DiSH does now and in the future. I wasn't wrong!


Why do you like to work at DiSH?

In my opinion, it's a good thing that the team doesn't have a long history, so we have modern technologies and ways of working. We have written our first chapters and many things are still finding their place. The future will be shaped by current and future employees.


Although we are a relatively new part of the organisation, we have already proven our value to the business units. The digital business is growing year on year, so the future of DiSH looks exciting.

Jani Rotola-Pukkila, Chief Software Architect


We have built a consultancy-like culture, which means that everything is very flexible and agile, even though we are part of an internationally influential company. We are very free to define our work in the way smaller companies do.

Flexibility and adaptability are also reflected in the fact that my role was shaped by what I wanted to do. I felt that my wishes were listened to carefully and my skills were put to good use. My career ambitions were supported.


Why does this job matter?

DiSH has had a major impact on Cargotec's business, delivering significant value through digital excellence in just a few years. We have earned the trust of our business units to drive their digital transformation. The benefits can also be seen across business units - if we provide services or products to one business unit, we can use the same solution with minor changes for others. I appreciate that the benefits are cumulative and that I work in a team where I can constantly learn about the digital needs and technology of different departments.

Cargotec has a strong environmental focus, which I am proud of. At DiSH, for example, we generate knowledge which enables optimisations making the freight transport process less polluting. The logistics industry is a significant contributor to global emissions, so it is important for me to play my part in reducing this burden.


What does Jani do at and outside work?

Now I have four projects going on at the same time. The number of projects is higher than most team members, but I am a person who likes to have many things going on at the same time. We can choose to focus on fewer or more projects.

One of my projects is to develop software that monitors a terminal automation system, which is in charge of moving containers. My responsibilities fall between customers and developers. I'm a contact person for a client and ad-hoc problem-solver with the developers, so with very little involvement in the code itself anymore.


Jani is a seasoned software professional who can manage several projects simultaneously with great capacity. His systematic working style brings calm, clarity and structure to work while still maintaining a customer minded attitude. He is also a true team player who takes care of people, helps less experienced developers, and lifts the spirit of the whole team.

Petri Selonen, Director of Software Engineering at Digital Solutions Hub


Outside of work, I'm a family-oriented guy, which is why I really appreciate that Cargotec and DiSH offer a good work-life balance. I can leave work without feeling guilty and focus on my family for the rest of the day. I recharge my batteries with seasonal activities such as skiing and cycling, and my year-round favourite, reading.


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