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For Jussi Haapanen, team competence and experience were the primary motivators for applying for a job at Cargotec: “The quality of digital solutions is strongly linked to competent people.”


What factors influenced your decision to apply for a job at DiSH?

Cargotec has strong roots in consultant-supported teamwork, so I thought the world I was stepping into was already somewhat familiar. In my previous job, I worked in various domains ranging from energy to the manufacturing industry. Thus Cargotec was a relatively natural choice.

After five years of consulting, I was looking for a new angle on the actual work. I wanted to be part of my own development team and step back from the role of a consultant. I liked being a consultant, so DiSH offered an attractive place to combine project-based consulting work with long-term development. I feel I get more out of my job when I can have more influence on internal business units and improve their productivity - enabling them to do their work smarter and better. I can genuinely say that the work at DiSH is very diverse: projects involve all Cargotec business units, we get to work with highly competent external software consultants, and our work is flavoured by international external service providers. We can play with the big players!

What attracted me about DiSH was the high technical capability of the team. Already during the interviews, I was convinced that the team is highly experienced, but also the daily work and client feedback have shown that DiSH's own team and the reinforcements of the consultancy firms form a solid combined core of high-quality expertise. I also wanted to find like-minded people who were fun to work with. For example, Software Developer Juuso Kosonen has been facilitating Cargotec's esports team, and we often sit down to chat about common interests, as we both are game enthusiasts.


What is your story before Cargotec? Why do you like working at DiSH?

My interest in technology dates back to my high school days. I wanted to make a game modification, so I learned programming. Little did I know at the time that modding as a teenager was the spark for combining software and electrical engineering, which I was working on at Tampere University of Technology. After a while, I realised that my ambition was on the industrial side rather than the academic side, and I ended up as a software consultant.

Cargotec came into the picture when a former colleague joined the Cargotec data team, and I got a first-hand insight into the team and working methods. I started actively following DiSH vacancies because I was wondering how software development is different whether you work for a product company or a consultancy.

A suitable position opened up a few months later, and the rest is history. As I assumed from the information I received, DiSH has the right balance between consulting and in-house development, which is a very interesting setup from a former consultant's point of view - get rid of all the downsides, but be able to work on interesting technical challenges and to work in large, diverse teams to achieve a common goal.

Jussi is a valuable all-rounder whose technical expertise ranges from architecture to hands-on code, cloud, full-stack and front-end to PO and scrum mastering. His optimism and energy spreads to the team, which boosts team spirit. Jussi is a reliable expert in projects, taking responsibility and initiative.

Petri Selonen, Director of Software Engineering at Digital Solutions Hub


DiSH is definitely a place where one can learn a lot about engineering and heavy industry. I currently have a MacGregor predictive maintenance service project (OnWatch Scout) on my desk, where I manage relations with the various parties and drive the project forward.


Why does your job matter?

Whether it's food, medication or consumer goods, the importance of cargo flow in today's modern society has increased, so I want to play my part in making it as smart as possible.

At the same time, I appreciate that at Cargotec we focus so strongly on improving sustainability throughout our value chain. Sustainability is not a buzzword, it's a holistic mindset that drives our work stronger every day.


Why work for Digital Solutions Hub?

DiSH offers a good work-life balance and a humane approach to working life. It's worth coming to DiSH if one wants to get into a culture where people talk openly and where there are experienced colleagues to learn from. The digital hub is relatively new and there’s not much legacy to carry, which is a plus. We have the freedom to do the job properly.


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