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Cargotec joins the world’s first open-access impact data platform


Cargotec is extending its collaboration with the Upright Project and joins the newly launched impact data platform. At the platform, companies’ own data and targets are contextualised with science-based modelling of their company’s impact. This makes it easy for investors, customers and employees to compare net impacts between different companies.

We have been collaborating with the Upright Project since 2020, in quantifying our net impacts. Upright’s data-driven qualification model measures the overall impact a company creates, balancing both positive and negative impacts. The net impact profile is a comprehensive picture of a company’s value creation, and can be interpreted as providing an overall picture of what resources a company uses and what it achieves by using them.

Traditionally, companies have focused on measuring economic performance (such as revenue and EBIT) but increasingly the expectation is to go beyond measuring turnover growth, margins and profits. We also need to understand the net impact on the environment, health, society and knowledge. In pursuing the mission of providing smarter cargo flow for a better every day, we are creating a range of positive and negative impacts on the surrounding world. To read more about the net impact model and Cargotec’s profile, check our latest annual report.


Cargotec amongst 30 forerunners creating transparency

Cargotec joined the platform launch as one of the first companies, whose impact data and targets were made available to investors, customers, employees, media, and other stakeholders free of charge.

Cargotec’s profile on the Upright’s newly launched platform. The data bridges the gap between internal and external perspectives on impact: companies’ own targets and impact story, as well as outside-in analyses and regulatory data.


“Measuring and making data transparent is paramount for accelerating the work around environmental and social sustainability. We at Cargotec have taken a science - and data-driven approach to our work and want to make our ambition and progress visible. Upright’s new platform plays a great role in that. ” Päivi Koivisto, VP Sustainability, Cargotec.

“Impact data has been lacking transparency and comparability, and as a consequence, decisions have been made based on marketing slogans and anecdotal data. This is not serving investors, employees or even companies themselves, so it’s time to introduce open data solutions to the impact discourse.” Annu Nieminen, Upright’s CEO.

From left to right: Päivi Koivisto, Cargotec’s VP Sustainability, participated in Upright’s panel discussion together with Securitas Group Sustainability Officer Cecilia Alenius and Lamor’s CEO Mika Pirneskoski.

You can review Cargotec’s impact data and targets in more detail on the Upright Platform.

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