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"Organisation under change: huge learning possibilities for a Cargotec-trainee"

Atte joined Cargotec as a trainee in autumn 2021. Now he continues part-time at Cargotec while progressing his studies at Turku School of Economics.

"Traineeships are an essential way for many students to develop skills and knowledge, but it also benefits the organisation as a way to reach new talent to drive towards the leadership in sustainable cargo flow. As organisations continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, it is important to constantly think ahead – for future employees but also for fresh ideas.

As a trainee in Investor Relations and Communications at Cargotec, I have had the opportunity to learn about how an equity story is being built, how it is communicated and how it can be refocused. My Cargotec-career started in October 2021, which feels like it was ages ago. The journey has been hectic, with a cancelled merger, refocused strategy, Capital Markets Day 2022 and communicating the New Cargotec as an equity story, built around solving customers’ sustainability challenges with our resilient, highly profitable growing core businesses Hiab and Kalmar.

My main tasks have been assisting with all materials from Cargotec to the investors and media, content creation for Cargotec’s investor-pages and other communication channels and working on stakeholder events. One thing I was positively surprised about was the endorsement to shape the role according to my own strengths, providing me the opportunity of developing Cargotec’s wide selection of investor information videos and visual appearance. Every trainee brings their own portfolio of skills to Cargotec, and that’s why trainee roles are shaped by the trainee to reflect their strengths.

To build on these technical skills, developing soft skills has been rewarding. By working with a diverse group of people from different business areas, improving my communication and teamwork skills has been easy. The atmosphere present at Cargotec really makes it a winning combination: by working with other talented trainees and an inspiring team of seasoned professionals is the best community a newcomer could ask for. Trainee-activities have not been forgotten either!

Overall, my experience as a trainee at Cargotec Investor Relations has been very valuable. The deep understanding received when communicating about a company undergoing a change to investors is the most valuable possible learning experience. I am looking forward to continuing my journey in this field and applying what I have learned."

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