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Cargotec as an investment

Why invest in Cargotec?

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Cargotec is a technology leader with strong market positions in all our business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor. We have leading brands in markets with long term growth potential. Several megatrends support our businesses.

Our strategy breakthrough objectives are sustainability and profitable growth. Our vision is to become the global leader in sustainable cargo flow.

Sustainability is a great business prospect for Cargotec as the inefficiencies in the industry are clear. Only the moving of empty containers cause 19 million CO2 equivalent tonnes annually while some calculations show that the inefficiencies in cargo handling chain cause EUR 17 billion costs to the industry. We see the need for increasing efficiency in the industry as a major business potential, while at the same time it means decreasing emissions. The future growth in our business comes from increasing demands for operational efficiency, the proliferation of lifetime solutions and from increasing cargo volumes.

On the other hand, we need to ensure transparent and fair corporate governance, efficient environmental and health&safety management practices, efficient non-compliance programme and clear supplier management processes to have a license to operate in a more sustainability-driven market.

Increased efficiency for customers with our offering for eco-efficiency

For Cargotec, the willingness to increase more sustainable cargo flow is not only a sentence. We have created a product group which demonstrates the solutions which can benefit customers’ operational, emissions or resource efficiency. In environmental industries, our products and solutions can enhance the industry efficiency. Increased growth in offering for eco-efficiency is driven by R&D and digitalisation investments.

Customers benefit from using our products and solutions as they enable

  • decreased fuel consumption,
  • reduced emissions,
  • improved competitiveness with heightened operational efficiency,
  • fewer container moves in cargo handling and minimised environmental impact per moved container.

Cargotec’s eco portfolio sales during 2020 was 24 (2019: 21) percent of the  total sales.

  • Visibility to identify inefficient use of resources and fuel
  • Software and design system

  • Offering to support the operations in environmental industries
  • Cargotec solutions for environmental industries

  • Technology to enable fuel and emission efficient offering
  • Products with features to decrease fuel usage and avoidance of maritime hydraulic oil emissions

  • Service enabling the extended usage of products or new applications
  • Product conversions and modernizations

Safety, supply chain management and high ethical standards

Cargotec has focused on the safety of its own operations and products and has set clear targets for the safety performance. There has been good development and we continue to focus on safety improvement programmes and actions across the organisation.

We monitor our sustainability performance closely on various areas and set annual sustainability targets to ensure development. Read about our 2020 targets and how we succeeded with them. 

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