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Cargotec as an investment

Why invest in Cargotec?

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Cargotec is a technology leader with strong market positions in all our business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor. We have leading brands in markets with long term growth potential. Several megatrends support our businesses.

Our strategy breakthrough objectives are sustainability and profitable growth. Our vision is to become the global leader in sustainable cargo flow.

Technology leader and strong market positions, leading brands in markets with long term growth potential

In ports: Kalmar

End markets: Ports, terminals, distribution centres

Market position: 1st / 2nd

Key drivers and supporting megatrends:

  • Growth prospects in electrification and port automation
  • Container throughput growth, larger ships require investments in ports, ports need to increase efficiency via automation, increasing importance for safety

Competitive advantage:

  • ​Recognised premium brand
  • Leading market position
  • Full automation solution offering (equipment, software and automation, service)
  • Asset-light business model


On roads: Hiab

End markets: Construction, distribution, forestry, defence, waste and recycling

Market position: 1st / 2nd

Key drivers and supporting megatrends:

  • Construction activity
  • Changing distribution patterns and models

Competitive advantage:

  • One of the two global players with scale
  • Diversified product range
  • Asset-light model, efficient assembly operation


At sea: MacGregor

End markets: Maritime transportation and offshore industries

Market position: 1st / 2nd

Key drivers and supporting megatrends:

  • Global trade growth

Competitive advantage:

  • Asset-light model
  • Technology leader
  • Closeness to customers (shipyards and shipowners) globally
  • Industry competence

Growing services & software business and asset light business model are increasing stability

Asset light business model with a flexible cost structure

  • Kalmar and Hiab: efficient assembly operation
  • MacGregor: efficient project management and engineering office: >90% of manufacturing and 30% of design and engineering capacity outsourced
  • No in-house component manufacturing


Next steps to increase service and software sales:

  • Improve service offering through digital service offering
  • Increase spare parts capture rates
  • Boost service contract attachment rates

Service and software sales

Software sales defined as Navis strategic business unit and automation software

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