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January–June 2023 half year financial report

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Browse all Cargotec’s investor publications in this section. In case you need additional information, please contact Cargotec Investor Relations team.

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In this section you can find videos, such as financial reviews and introductions to our business areas, which further describe Cargotec as an investment. Webcasts and presentations from quarterly press conferences can be found in the upper section "Result materials".

See also Cargotec's Youtube channel.

Cargotec as an investment

Cargotec is a strong global player in the cargo handling industry. In this video, we will briefly go through five main reasons to invest in our company.

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IR events

Eco portfolio investor event

Cargotec organised an Eco portfolio and taxonomy investor event on 3 April 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. In the event, Head of Sustainability at Cargotec Päivi Koivisto,  Head of Sustainability at Kalmar Mette Kjems Bærentzen, and Head of Sustainability at Hiab Tobias Bunne shared views on sustainability at Cargotec. 

Sustainability investor event

Cargotec Investor Relations arranged a sustainability presentation for analysts in early March 2021. In the event, Päivi Koivisto, Cargotec's VP Sustainability, and Noora Jukkola, Manager Sustainability, presented Cargotec's sustainability approach, covered current topics like taxonomy and governance, and answered questions from the audience.

Stefan Lampa in Kalmar Mobile Solutions investor event

Kalmar, Cargotec’s largest business area by sales, was split into three strategic business units in April 2019. Stefan Lampa with a background of over 25 years in robotics business was appointed to head Kalmar Mobile Solutions. On February 26, 2020, he had the opportunity to meet the investor community for the first time at an event organised in Helsinki, Finland, during which he covered especially topics like robotics, electrification and services. Read more about the event and what was discussed.

Cargotec service day

In June, Cargotec IR organised a Service Day event in Helsinki. In the event, Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor service business leaders presented growth prospects, recent development as well as achievements of each business. Read also the IR blog for more details about the servicebusiness at Cargotec.

Hiab investor day 2019 - Scott Phillips

In this video, Scott Phillips, President of Hiab, reflects on his first months at the company and covers key development areas for the business. The video is a summary of the topics discussed at Hiab Investor Day on March 21, 2019.

Cargotec investor event in Singapore in October 2018

Cargotec organised an investor event in Singapore in October 2018. In the below videos, MacGregor President Michel van Roozendaal as well as Bromma President Peter Cederholm tell about their businesses. The videos have English subtitles.

MacGregor from investors' point of view

MacGregor, one of Cargotec's three business areas, focuses on merchant and offshore industries. MacGregor's president Michel van Roozendaal explains what MacGregor's competitive advantage is and what the future growth prospects look like. The parts with van Roozendaal were shot on 21 May, see also his presentation here. Blog about MacGregor can be read here.

Interviews in Hiab Investor Day, December 2017

Hiab's President Roland Sundén, CFO Simon Greaves and VP Services Anna Almlöf talk about Hiab's strengths, profit drivers and service potential.

Capital Markets Day 2017: Recap by Mika Vehviläinen

CEO Mika Vehviläinen wraps up Cargotec's Capital Markets Day 2017 and explains why Cargotec will become the leader in intelligent cargo handling.

CMD 2017 whole event

Site visit to RCI factory in China

Kalmar's joint venture Rainbow-Cargotec Industries (RCI) provides an access to Chinese market. In APAC, Kalmar has a strong position. Video includes an interview with Antti Kaunonen and Peter McLean.

Read an IR-blog about the visit and RCI in here.

Interview in Software Day June 2017

Cargotec's Software Day was held on 1 of July 2017 in Helsinki. In the event, President of Navis and Kalmar Software Benoit de La Tour, and Chief Strategy Officer Andy Barrons gave out presentations about Navis' software business. Here is a short interview about Navis and its future prospects. A webcast from the event can be found in here.

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