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50th site now live with Navis SPARCS N4, investments continue in port automation technologies


Press release


Industry demand for new efficiencies fuel SPARCS N4 implementations to move more than 18 million TEU worldwide.

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation and the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals, today announced its 50th site is now live with Navis' latest terminal operating system (TOS) technology, SPARCS N4. Since the first implementation in 2006, the total TEUs moved by SPARCS N4 worldwide per year has increased by over 6,000 percent, from about 300,000 to over 18 million TEU per year.

"The last six years have been very exciting for us as we've been at the forefront of providing the innovative solutions that allow our customers to optimise operational processes, reduce cost and manage future growth," said Bill Walsh, president and CEO of Navis. "Fifty sites is an unprecedented adoption of technology in this industry. This milestone shows that our customers around the world realise the value of a flexible and innovative terminal operating system."

Terminals in every region are now using SPARCS N4 with customers in Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Lyttelton Port of Christchurch was the first site to go live in March 2006 as a migration from the Navis SPARCS platform and a third party host.

"We invested in SPARCS N4 because it is the most advanced system for managing terminal operations," said Peter Davie, chief executive at Lyttelton Port of Christchurch. "The customisation and automation capabilities combined with the scalability of the system help us provide excellent service to our customers."

Navis SPARCS N4 is currently operating at a variety of terminals from low volume, smaller terminals managing less than 100,000 TEU to multi-site terminal complexes managing up to 4 million TEU annually. With a sophisticated multi-terminal architecture, SPARCS N4 is flexible for regional and global terminals to configure their operations to best suit their needs. Customers currently using SPARCS N4 to manage multiple sites from a centralised location include Transnet Port Terminals, Haifa Port Company, and Lyttelton Port of Christchurch.

The 50 terminal sites operating SPARCS N4 include a mix of upgrades from SPARCS Express, moves from another terminal operating system or in-house system, and Greenfield sites. In addition to these sites, Navis has a number of other SPARCS N4 implementation projects in the works. By the end of 2012, Navis expects more than 65 terminals to be live with SPARCS N4.

"Large or small, our customers are optimising operational processes and reducing costs by utilising SPARCS N4," said Walsh. "This system's scalability and flexibility gives customers the solutions they need to meet their specific operational needs today while expanding with them as their terminal operations grow."

Navis SPARCS N4 includes more configuration options for end users than any other system in the market, making it very adaptable for a variety of operations and usable with a variety of equipment types. In October 2011, Navis released the SPARCS N4 2.2, which included upgrades to existing features and new modules for managing general cargo and improved control over the management of terminal equipment. In addition, SPARCS N4 integrates gate, yard and vessel operations into one centralised platform which allows terminals to share real-time information with their customers and the terminal community at large.

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