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Notification in accordance with Section 2, Sub-section 9 of the Securities Market Act concerning a Change in Cargotec Shareholding


Cargotec Corporation has today been notified in accordance with Section 2, Sub-
section 9 of the Securities Market Act of a decrease in Antti Herlin's ownership
in Cargotec. Holding Manutas Ltd., a company in which he exercises controlling
power, has according to the notification as part of the ownership reorganization
sold its shareholding in Cargotec. As disclosed yesterday the new Security
Trading Ltd., in which Antti Herlin also exercises controlling power and which
was born through the June 29, 2005 demerger of Security Trading Ltd., no longer
owns shares in Cargotec. As a result, the total shareholding of Antti Herlin and
his under-aged children in Cargotec has decreased from 31.11 percent to 0.3
percent of shares and from 66.37 percent to 0.13 percent of votes.
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