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Cargotec to Start Share Repurchases


Cargotec's Board of Directors has decided to exercise the authorization of the Annual General Meeting on February 28, 2006 to repurchase the Company's own shares.
The maximum amount of repurchased own shares will be less than ten percent of the Company's share capital and total voting rights. This corresponds to a maximum of 6,391,000 shares so that a maximum of 952,000 class A shares and 5,439,000 class B shares can be repurchased.
In accordance with the authorization the shares will be repurchased in order to develop the capital structure of the Company, finance or carry out possible acquisitions, implement the Company's share-based incentive plans, or to be transferred for other purposes or to be cancelled.
Class B shares will be purchased at public trading in the Helsinki Stock Exchange at the market price. Class A shares will be purchased outside the Stock Exchange at the price equivalent to the average price of class B shares paid in the Helsinki Stock Exchange at the time of purchase. Share repurchases will be released on the transaction days through stock exchange announcements.
The repurchases will at the earliest start on March 10, 2006.
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