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Kalmar Trade Press Release

Kalmar introduces collision warning system for straddle carriers



Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is introducing a collision warning system for its manually operated straddle carrier portfolio as part of the company’s commitment to safety-first design. The system is available as an optional add-on for new machines and a retrofit upgrade for existing machines. It increases safety by providing the driver with both visible and audible warnings when there is a risk of collision, giving them more time to react to potential hazards.
These timely warnings help to prevent or reduce the severity of collisions and also reduce stress on the driver by helping them to remain alert and attentive at all times. In addition to detecting obstacles in the machine’s path or blindspots, the system also warns the driver if the spreader (whether empty or laden) is too low when the machine is approaching a container stack. The driver remains in full control of the machine at all times.

With a reduced risk of collisions, terminal operators can realise cost savings in the form of reduced unplanned repairs, longer equipment lifetime and potentially lower insurance premiums. 

Jeroka Alanko, Senior Manager, Product Management, Kalmar: “Safety is one of the core design principles at Kalmar, and we are constantly striving to introduce new features and functionalities that will enable our customers to increase their operational safety. The collision warning system will help our customers to make machine operation safer and improve overall terminal safety as well as reduce repair costs and extend equipment lifetime.

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Timo Alho, Director, Product Management, Kalmar,

Maija Eklöf, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Kalmar, tel. +358 20 777 4096,

Kalmar is the global leader in sustainable cargo handling for ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry. With our extensive electric portfolio and global service network, we help our customers move towards safer, more eco-efficient and productive operations. Together, we develop innovative solutions that shape the future of our industry, improving our customers’ every move.

Kalmar is part of Cargotec. Cargotec's (Nasdaq Helsinki: CGCBV) sales in 2022 totalled approximately EUR 4 billion and it employs around 11,500 people.


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