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Kalmar machines make it easier for Stora Enso Timber Group (SET)

"Kalmar makes our working day easier", Reinhard Moser, Plant Manager at Ybbs, a part of the SET Group in Austria, says. "They support us with high-performing machinery, reliable service and competent consultation whenever we need".

The company Ybbs introduces itself as "the biggest European sawmill on the Danube". "One of our key benefits is our ideal location from a logistics point of view", Reinhard Moser explains. "We have the best possible connections by the rail or road and, perhaps most importantly, our very own port on the Danube".

All over the world
With a staff of 350, Ybbs is expected to reach an annual output of 1 million solid cu. M. this year. It means a production of roughly 600 000 cu. M. of sawn products. Half of the timber - excluding spruce - is of domestic origin. The rest is imported from Germany and the Czech Republic. Products are exported from Ybbs to 45 countries. Only 11 % of the production is consumed in Austria, the remaining 89 % going all over the world but principally to Japan, Italy, the USA and the eastern Mediterranean.

Reliable transport
Considering the huge amounts of wood to be lifted and transported, and the fact that everything from the collection of sawn goods to transport to the planing mill, and all movements at the timber yard are carried out by lift trucks, it is obvious that only high-quality, reliable and high-performance machinery will be acceptable - Kalmar machinery! Timber is handled by seven Kalmar log handlers from 15 to 30 tonnes. The timber yard is served by eleven 16-ton lift trucks, which can take up to four packages of sawn goods at the same time. Three 5.5-tonne diesel trucks pick up sawn goods at the end of the production line and move it to the edge of the timber yard where they are collected by 16-tonne lift trucks. Three 5.5-tonne electric trucks perform all transport and transfer jobs at the planing mill.

Kalmar makes it...
The latest Kalmar product at Ybbs is a ContChamp reachstacker, which was put into service at the end of last year. When increasing quantities of finished goods are delivered in containers, unreliable makeshift solutions for container transport were no longer defensible. "It was not difficult for us to decide it would be Kalmar's ContChamp because it would not only safeguard appropriate container handling but also make it a lot easier", Plant Manager Reinhard Moser says. "Additional arguments were, of course, our good experience from long-term use of Kalmar log handler and fork lift trucks".

...a lot easier
"In pursuit of a competitive edge in the global market, we must work with optimum efficiency. This calls for committed employees and dependable high-performance machinery in production as well as transport and transfer". "As the average annual required capacity of a lift truck in our factories is 1 million tons, Kalmar makes our working day a lot easier when supporting us with high-performing machinery, reliable service and competent consultation whenever we need".

Ybbs is a part of the Austrian Holzindustrie Schweighofer Group which since 1998 is a part of the Stora Enso Group, an integrated forest products company producing magazine papers, newsprint, fine papers and packaging boards, areas in which the Group, based in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Czech Republic is a global market leader. Stora Enso also conducts extensive saw milling operations.

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