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RMI gives Kalmar customers the opportunity to monitor RTG operations from the control room and even from the factory

Kalmar Industries has expanded its range of terminal automation products with the addition of Remote Monitoring Interface (RMI), a system which enables the operation of a large number of machines to be monitored remotely by a single operator in the terminal control room.

RMI adds a further building block to Kalmar'ssuite of terminal automation tools: the Smartrail automatic steering and containerposition verification system for RTGs and the similar SmartpathTM automation package for straddle carriers.

RMI will soon be in operation with Global Terminal and Container Services Inc in New Jersey where eight new Kalmar RTGs are now being commissioned.

RMI allows the control room staff to monitor operations in real time, being aware of alarms, driver acknowledged information and operational data. The RTG's PLC system collects this information and transfers it to the control room computer via a wireless local area network (WLAN).

Machines can also be monitored via the internet by Kalmar's design department. Consequently, the customer can get real time support and assistance if required directly from the factory. Customising and modifications to machine operations can also be done via the internet since the crane PLC system is also accessible via RMI.

The data is being generated and stored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be analysed at the terminal operator's convenience. Maintenance programs may then be planned according to this information rather than on the basis of running hours.

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