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28January 2002

Kalmar Electric Forklift Trucks in Ford Car Production

Kalmar electric forklift trucks will became increasingly important in all European Ford plants because, after extensive tests, Ford has decided to streamline its forklift truck fleet. Electric forklift trucks by a North German manufacturer will be used for lighter loads. However, for loads from 5 t upwards, Kalmar trucks will be used exclusively. Willi Burkhart, a graduate engineer responsible for industrial trucks in all European plants, says:

"Given that, for example, in the Saarlouis Ford plant a Focus is finished every 57 seconds, it is obvious that each unplanned stoppage of a forklift truck has enormous repercussions. Therefore safety, reliability and economic efficiency are crucial and Kalmar electric forklift trucks meet our requirements. Very important, too, are obviously the reliable, competent people who make the product what it is."

This means that 1830 units of this successful Ford car are built every day and the entire logistical system is crucial. This includes the many storage and conveying systems, and thus also the Kalmar electric forklift trucks, which contribute to the successful "round the clock" production in Saarlouis. Today the Saarlouis plant is one of the most modern car factories in the world and round 230,000 t of high-quality sheet steel are processed every year. As a lead plant, the factory is responsible for compliance with strict quality standards in the Focus plants, not only in Europe, but also overseas.

Kalmar ECD 70-6 electric forklift trucks are used here. They are equipped with lifting stages for lifting heights of up to 3.75 m. The Spirit Delta operator canopy version ensures maximum operator comfort. All controls and operating elements are ergonomically designed and easily accessible on the semicircular dashboard. In order for each operator to be able to work in optimum comfort, the operator seat, steering wheel and hydraulic control levers can be individually adjusted. Because there are no doors or glass panels the operator benefits from an even better 360° all-round visibility.

Moreover, operating safety has been taken a step further. All Kalmar forklift trucks benefit from an operator seat that can swivel 40° and a camera and monitor for reversing. This guarantees safe and effortless operation even when reversing. And in order to ensure trouble-free servicing the forklift truck cab can be tilted by means of hydraulic cylinders and a manually operated pump so that every service point is easily accessible.

The new 31 kW drive motor and the new 27 kW pump motor ensure outstanding performance. A high-performance transistor control system with stepless adjustment and optimum energy efficiency controls the motors in every operating state. In compliance with a Ford standard the maximum driving speed is 10 km/h.

The service brake is a multiple disk brake which runs in an oil bath. It is almost maintenance-free and has proven its worth in tough, long-time operating conditions without the need for adjustment.

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