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Kalmar expands its network to achieve even better contact with European industry

Industrial customers want to know their truck supplier and have service facilities close at hand. Offering solutions to each users handling problems that are comprehensive, while remaining flexible, is becoming an ever more important competitive factor. Kalmar is now expanding its network into Europe’s key markets by contracting well established dealers who are using Kalmar trucks to strengthen their range in the 5.5 ton plus sector.
- We are anticipating that a lot more industrial customers will come into contact with Kalmar machines and that we can make more efficient inroads into the market, while simultaneously providing customers with an even better service, says Mikael Rietz, Industrial Systems marketing director.

Kalmar is well established in the paper, timber, engineering, quarrying, concrete, stevedoring sectors. There are a large number of industries throughout Europe that need customised larger forklift trucks to work alongside their smaller trucks, stackers etc. These companies want contacts with their suppliers, access to service and help with well-tailored solutions.

Close to Kalmar everywhere
In order to be able to offer good solutions for small and medium-size industries, Kalmar is expanding its dealer network in each market. Well-established companies that already sell smaller forklift trucks, stackers etc, are being appointed as dealers. They know the market, have good contacts and well-developed service organisations.

-We want to reach more industrial users and thereby achieve better market coverage, says Mikael Rietz. Through our dealers, customers are now able to gain access to Kalmar machines and good overall solutions comprising, for example, all-inclusive service and leasing packages, and also smaller trucks.

Kalmar is gradually developing partnerships with established companies in the fork truck sector. Successes can already be seen in both the UK and Germany. Kalmar also has several independent distributors in, for example, Belgium and Holland as well as in the steadily growing Polish market.

More than 600 representatives in France
Kalmar France has entered into a dealership agreement with the distribution company Manuloc. After taking over FMS, the company with which Kalmar previously co-operated, Manuloc has overall coverage throughout France. With its 13 branch offices and 650 employees, the company’s fleet consists of 6000 trucks and has maintenance contracts for 6500 trucks. Kalmar has worked in with Manuloc in the past, and they have already sold or leased more than 200 Kalmar machines.
"Kalmar trucks with a lifting capacity of 5.5 tons and upwards now represents a major addition to Manuloc’s extensive range that also includes Toyota, Nissan and Komatsu, i.e. smaller trucks, explains Yves Cario, MD of Kalmar France.

Manuloc is now responsible for Kalmar’s entire sales operation to industrial customers in France.

New dealer network in the UK
Kalmar has entered into dealerships in the UK. They are independent companies owned and operated by franchise holders. Their success lies in the fact that they are close to their customers and find the best possible solutions to their problems. These companies base their success on a good local reputation, efficient service and competitive deals.

-There is a lot of potential working through dealers, says Mikael Rietz. In the UK it has already produced an increase in sales of 30%. The customer gets an all-inclusive solution that can, for example, comprise a leasing package for both Kalmar machines and small forklift trucks.

A different solution in Germany
Three years ago Kalmar began expanding its network of dealers in Germany. The market has been divided into 14 different regions, four of which are handled by regional Kalmar dealers. For the remaining ten areas, different regional dealers have been appointed. The starting point was to meet the particular requirements of each area and to work with sales people and dealers who from the outset have good relationships with industrial customers in their area.

The dealers in Germany consist of companies who are market leaders in the sale of trucks below the 5.5 tons lifting capacity sector, for example Toyota and Mitsubishi. The fact that these dealers are now able to offer larger machines from Kalmar considerably strengthens their market position. During 2001 approximately 45% of Kalmar’s industrial trucks were sold through these dealers.

-The good results show the great importance of always being close to the customer and of being able to offer all-inclusive solutions along with excellent service, says Mikael Rietz.

Kalmar Industrial Systems continues to develop the concept of appointing dealers, however the strategy must be modified to fit the conditions of the individual market.

For more information please contact:
Mikael Rietz, Sales and Marketing director Industrial Systems
Tel +46 372 26112
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Lotta Sundström: Communication Manager, Industrial Systems
Tel +46 372 261 38
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Note to editors:
Kalmar is a global provider of heavy duty materials handling equipment and services to ports, intermodal traffic, terminals and demanding industrial customers. Kalmar focuses on supplying handling solutions that enable customers to operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. Kalmar provides a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Manufacturing plants are situated in
Sweden (as is the head office), in Finland, in the USA, in the Netherlands and in Estonia.

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