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Kalmar low-rider terminal tractor

Kalmar’s TRL-182 low-rider terminal tractor will provide the focus for its stand at RORO 2002, the exhibition taking place from 28-30 May in Lübeck, Germany. Demand for this type of machine is particularly strong at present with the growing use of trailer support devices and mega/jumbo trailers that require the terminal tractor to have a low fifth wheel height of around 970mm. The machine to be displayed on Kalmar’s stand (Hall 3, stand 224) is destined for operation by Finnsteve in Helsinki.

The TRL-182 low rider is a derivation of the standard TRX-182 ro-ro terminal tractor – which has a fifth wheel height of 1150mm. Like the TRX-182, it has four-wheel drive and is powered by a 175kW diesel engine. The standard machine has a fifth wheel lift capacity of 32 tonnes.

To speed up trailer handling, several terminal companies and ro-ro ship operators have recently started using trailer support devices. These are picked up by the tractor unit’s fifth wheel before connecting to the trailer. Once the trailer is parked in the ship, it is supported by the automatic device and this can be quickly secured; only the rear of the trailer needs to be secured manually.

Because the support device fits on top of the tractor’s fifth wheel, it requires a lower than normal fifth wheel height, hence the need for these special low rider version tractor units.

As this equipment becomes more popular, and as more road transport operators acquire so-called mega or jumbo trailers, which also require a low fifth wheel height, Kalmar expects demand to grow for this low rider version of its ro-ro terminal tractor.

The TRL-182 tractor has been fully equipped with the controls necessary to lock and release semi-automatic trailer supports. In addition, it incorporates many of the features for which the Kalmar terminal tractor is renowned, including:

 A turning radius smaller than any other 4x4 tractor on the market
 Multi-directional eight speed transmission
 A variable displacement hydraulic system which Kalmar believes to be the most technologically advanced in use.
 Volume-controlled hydraulics which ensure that lifting and lowering work can be completed faster; an important consideration when working with heavy cargo units.

Following the RORO exhibition in Lübeck, the tractor providing the focus for Kalmar’s stand will be transported to Helsinki for use by Finnsteve. The machine is one of four units ordered by this Finnish terminal operator. Finnsteve already operates a number of similar models in its terminal at the Port of Helsinki. Other recent orders for the Kalmar terminal tractor include:

 Six TRL-182 low-rider terminal tractors for use in Denmark.
 Twelve terminal tractors (for heavy ro-ro, super heavy ro-ro and industrial applications) for use in Spain.
 Thirteen terminal tractors (for heavy ro-ro, super heavy ro-ro and industrial applications) for use in Italy.

In addition to presenting its low-rider terminal tractor, Kalmar will also be using RORO 2002 to draw attention to its new terminal tractor ESD cabin (recently unveiled at the Hanover Fair). The cabin benefits from improvements made to overall driver visibility and safety. It also boasts a completely redesigned electrical system.

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