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Kalmar RTGs increase port productivity
at the Port of St Petersburg

Kalmar Industries’ role as a key partner for major Russian stevedoring companies has been further strengthened with an order for two rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes from First Container Terminal of the Port of St Petersburg. The Kalmar RTGs, due for delivery in February 2003, have been ordered as part of the terminal’s overall plans to expand its existing facility.

One of the most recent deliveries of Kalmar RTGs consisted of six units to Penang Port, one of Malaysia’s leading container handling facilities.

The two RTGs will be used together with a terminal tractor/trailer system. They will be capable of 5+1 high stacking (ie they can lift a container over a 5-high stack) and be able to straddle six rows of containers plus one vehicle lane. The Port of St Petersburg has also specified Kalmar’s Smartrail auto steering system and container position verification system, which will further enhance port productivity.

The Port of St Petersburg is aiming for a capacity of 1,200,000 TEU by 2007, up from 438,000 TEU in 2002. The new Kalmar RTGs will be an integral part of the port’s dedication to increased productivity.

The customer already has 14 Kalmar straddle carriers in operation as well as Kalmar terminal tractors, reachstackers and fork lift trucks. Mr Evgeni Yuzhilin, general director of First Container Terminal, explains that Kalmar’s Smartrail system, as well as the port’s long-standing relations with Kalmar, made this order the natural choice over Kalmar’s competitors, most of whom were also involved in bidding for the contract. He continues:

“We have been using Kalmar equipment for about 15 years and we can verify its good quality. We cannot see any obstacles in continuing our relations with Kalmar. In adding to our portfolio of Kalmar equipment, we are also able to cut down on service costs as Kalmar has set up a spare parts supply system in the port, which will serve all the stevedoring companies. Such service has already impacted positively on port efficiency.”

“What further impressed us about the Kalmar RTGs was their Smartrail auto steering and the container position verification system, which we had the opportunity to see in operation in Europe. We look forward to experiencing first-hand how this technology improves container yard management, boosts productivity and heightens the overall efficiency of our terminal. At this time of expansion, these considerations are essential.”

The Smartrail system is based on a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) which, once the RTG operator activates the automated steering, steers the crane along a pre-determined path. This enables the exact position of the RTG to be calculated to within 5 cm (2 in). By automating the steering, Smartrail technology enables the driver to travel at maximum speed between lifts and to concentrate fully on picking up or setting down containers. The net result is faster and safer operations.

Having eliminated the need for drivers to type in location parameters manually and by having the yard management system linked to Smartrail, the automatic container position verification system also speeds up operations as time is not lost looking for errant containers. In real terms, Smartrail enables ports and terminals to keep their turnaround times, for both vessels and trucks, down to an absolute minimum.

Mr Yuzhilin continues:

“During the past three years we have experienced very fast growth in container handling volumes – on average 40% per year. This is evidence that the economy of Russia is in steady growth. Our aim is to be in the frontline of this development, ensuring a physical logistic service for this growth. Now, on the eve of the 300th year anniversary of St Petersburg, in May 2003, we are happy to say that the dream of Emperor Peter the First to have a large Russian port in the Baltic Sea has become a reality.”

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One of the most recent deliveries of Kalmar RTGs consisted of six units to Penang Port, one of Malaysia’s leading container handling facilities.

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