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Kalmar RT Center Receives Major Order From the U.S. Army

The Tank Automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM) of the US Army has placed another delivery order with Kalmar RT Center LLC in San Antonio, Texas, for Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH). The new delivery order adds up to 93 machines and other logistical items carrying a total price tag of US$50 million.

Kalmar RT Center has already delivered over 160 RTCH machines to the US Army, the 100th unit milestone having been achieved in August 2002.

In addition to the latest US order, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has taken delivery of 10 RTCHs and is currently in the process of exercising an option for an additional 10 RTCHs. The UK contract, as well as an order from the Australian Army last year, has been made possible in that TACOM, which has the sole rights to the RTCH from Kalmar RT Center, approved re-sale.


In April 2000, Kalmar RT Center LLC in San Antonio, Texas, signed a contract with the US Army via TACOM to deliver rough terrain container handlers. This contract includes provisions for making sales of the RTCH to foreign military defence forces approved by the US Army.

The US Army contract is a ‘Requirement Type Contract’ and covers deliveries over the period 2001-2005. The contract has yearly order releases and is estimated to involve 400-500 units. During the months of June and July of 2001, the first 16 machines were delivered from Kalmar to a US Army base in the State of Washington, USA. Since mid 2001, the Kalmar RT Center has delivered between eight and ten RTCH machines every month and the deliveries should continue at the same pace until the contract is fulfilled.

Kalmar’s RT series has several unique features with patented solutions. The machine is designed in a military (RTCH) version and a commercial (RT) version.

The military version is fitted with a moving operator’s cab and a folding boom assembly that reduce the vehicle’s transport height. This makes it possible to transport the machine on large aircraft, by ship, via rail or by road trailer on a normal highway without requiring disassembly.

Kalmar’s RTCH machines have a unique construction with several patented solutions.

Stan Simpson, President of Kalmar RT Center, says:

“The RT series is truly state of the art. It is the most advanced drive-by-wire rough terrain construction equipment machine offered in the world today.”

The US Army’s RTCH order also includes a separate contract for replacement parts and service for a 15-year period. Kalmar RT Center is the primary supplier of replacement parts and all major repairs and upgrades of RTCH equipment during the 15 years covered by the contract.

Marketing and sales of RT machines in North and South America is conducted by Kalmar RT Center in Texas. In Europe, sales will begin by a specially selected dealer network.

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The caption reads:
“The Tank Automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM) of the US Army has placed an order for a further 93 rough terrain container handlers, developed by Kalmar RT Center in San Antonio, Texas.”

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