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HHLA orders 24 Kalmar straddle carriers
to support the expansion of its Burchardkai Terminal operations

The Port of Hamburg is proving to be an extremely strong sales territory for the container handling specialist Kalmar Industries. In July, just days after it had announced that it was to build two ship-to-shore cranes for EUROGATE, Kalmar won an order from Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus-AG (HHLA) for eight of its sixth generation CSC340 straddle carriers. Now it has been awarded two further contracts by HHLA, one for 12 more CSC340 machines and another for four ESC440 machines. The latter includes an option for four further ESC440 straddles.

Upon delivery, all 24 machines will be employed in the Burchardkai Terminal, one of three HHLA container terminals in Hamburg with an annual throughput of over 2.5 million TEU.

HHLA Burchardkai currently has 42 Kalmar straddle carriers in operation, 18 of which are sixth generation machines featuring innovative technology such as the revolutionary Smoothlift rope hoist system. The most recent delivery, also eight units, was completed just two and a half years ago.

The new CSC 340 straddle carrier model incorporates the same quality features as its predecessor, offering lower operational costs and supporting stepless gear changing. The Smoothlift feature, which efficiently combines the benefits of a cylinder hoist with that of a rope hoist and improves the driver view of the loading process, has particularly impressed HHLA engineers and operatives.

HHLA currently requires three-high stacking at its Burchardkai Terminal but the new CSC straddle carriers now to be delivered can be converted easily to four-high stacking should this be required in the future.

The four ESC440 straddles will be the first examples of this new design to enter service in the Port of Hamburg and will also be deployed at the Burchardkai Terminal. Commenting on why HHLA had also ordered ESC machines, Klaus Eger, managing director of Kalmar German subsidiary, explained that it reflected HHLA desire to stay abreast of new technology:

"While the CSC is proven technology, HHLA recognises that the ESC machines promise more in terms of performance, economy and reliability. Understandably cautious, HHLA wants to gather operating experience in-house with the initial order for four machines before moving further down this path."

The Kalmar EDRIVE ESC straddle carrier, which combines an electrical drive system with the well-proven robust construction and reliability of Kalmar established CSC straddle carrier, was launched in mid 2002. According to Mr Eger, the benefits offered by the Kalmar EDRIVE ESC straddle carrier include much improved fuel consumption, lower operating costs, greater acceleration and smoother operation when compared to the CSC straddle carrier.

The Kalmar EDRIVE ESC straddle carrier combines the solid construction of the CSC, which with over 1,700 units sold, ranks as the most successful straddle carrier ever produced, with many of the positive features of diesel-electric drive.

Reliability of the electrical systems is also assured since much of the AC technology has been drawn either from Kalmar rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes or its HS straddles. And, of course, all users of the new straddles will have access to the full resources of Kalmar global servicing and parts network.

Dr Olaf Mager, HHLA spokesperson, comments on the performance record achieved by Kalmar straddle carriers working on his company container terminals:

"The order for these new Kalmar straddle carriers was essential in order to manage the increasing volume of containers passing through our terminal – over 2.5 million TEU in the past year. Kalmar straddle carriers have always been reliable and productive. We are content with the machines and can look back on years of positive experience using them. Kalmar Industries provides us with excellent maintenance, fast supply of spare parts and an accurate price/performance ratio, all of which are indispensable features in customer service."

Kalmar has been particularly successful in supplying German ports with straddle carriers and other heavy-duty equipment in recent years. Significant deliveries include five HS machines to HHLA Tollerort Container Terminal (TCT) in Hamburg, 25 units to EUROGATE and now this latest set of orders for 24 units for HHLA Burchardkai.

The first eight of the new CSC 340 straddle carriers will all be delivered to HHLA by the end of this year.

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