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Assi Domän Frövi hires Kalmar to develop new paper handling fork-lift trucks

When Assi Domän Frövi, one of the world's leading cardboard factories, needed new trucks to handle its rolls of paper, it approached Kalmar Industries. An internal truck group, comprising drivers, supervisors and safety representatives, explained Frövi requirements, Kalmar commenced intensive development work. The first five well-equipped diesel-powered paper trucks have now been delivered to Frövi. As summer draws to a close, a further two electrically powered vehicles will be delivered.

Commenting on the delivery of the first five machines, Frövi's managing director, Lars-Ola Almberg, said:

"There has been a period of successful and intensive development collaboration with Kalmar. The real test of the machines’ performance is now underway, which involves continuous driving. I hope the outcome of this will be equally positive."

Assi Domän Frövi decision to acquire new trucks came when its existing truck fleet had been operating for nearly eight years. To take advantage of the latest the market had to offer, a specification of requirements was first drawn up and all potential suppliers were invited to make tenders. The requirements and wishes were processed and the suppliers’ tenders were assessed. Finally only Kalmar Industries remained. This was the beginning of a year of development work that has now resulted in a completely unique paper truck. The first five vehicles, each with an eight ton lifting capacity, were delivered to Frövi on 26 June. The rental contract Assi Domän has signed with Kalmar Sverige came into effect on 1 July.

Ola Brusman, the buyer in charge of truck purchase for Frövi, explains that vehicle flexibility was one of the key features the company was looking for.

"With around 70 drivers and continuous work in six shifts, the vehicles must suit everybody, regardless of their size, strength and driving style. A spacious cabin offering good visibility in all types of work and a rotating driving seat were important requirements. Environmentally friendly engines with low emissions and sound levels were also essential."

During the course of the collaborative work, ideas about requirements and solutions were thrown back and forth between the truck group and Kalmar. Various solutions have been tested, and on-site test-driving of the ready-assembled vehicle has taken place. Detailed adjustments were then possible, as well as the fine tuning of various functions.

Efficient and careful handling

Kalmar newly developed paper handling trucks are intelligent vehicles with integrated functions for precise, efficient and careful handling of rolls of paper and cardboard. Vertical holding of stands, the correct clamping pressure at all times and protection against chain slackness and involuntary opening of loaded units provide efficient handling without damaging the rolls.

To give drivers the best possible driving and visibility conditions, a completely new cabin has been developed – the Spirit Delta Space. What sets it apart is the fact that it is much broader than the standard cabin, so as to provide increased comfort and better internal space. The instrument panel has been rearranged to provide optimum downward and forward visibility. The roof pane is optimally angled to avoid reflections. The unique thing about the cabin is the fact that the driving seat, controls and instrumentation are mounted on a turntable that can be rotated through 180 degrees with the aid of a switch on the steering-wheel panel. Drivers can thus easily make continuous adjustments to suit their individual driving position.

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