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Kalmar latest lift trucks have quickly secured a strong market position following sales to leading European paper manufacturers

Kalmar Industries leads the development of lift trucks for the efficient handling of paper and its latest machines are proving they can meet customers’ most demanding requirements. Five machines were delivered in June to Assi Domän Frövi, one of Sweden leading board mills. This has now been followed by an initial order from Stora Enso Hylte Bruk mill, with an option for additional machines. Furthermore, several new trucks are being delivered to two SCA facilities in Germany. These handling developments are being watched with great interest by the whole of the paper industry and more deals are on the way.

The paper and board industry is noted for the intensive demands it places upon the machines it uses to handle its products. Work cycles are short and drivers must be given the best conceivable tools with which to grip, lift and place the rolls. A well-developed driver environment, excellent visibility and the possibility for every driver to quickly and easily adjust his or her working position are all of great importance when a paper mill invests in new trucks. Kalmar Industries has carefully investigated the industry demands and expectations, and its new paper truck has been developed with a focus on customers’ requirements.

Assi Domän Frövi is the first

In June, the first five diesel-powered trucks, specially developed for effective paper handling, were delivered to Assi Domän board mill in Frövi, Sweden. Another two electric-powered trucks were delivered later in the summer. An internal truck group comprising drivers, supervisors and safety officers set the standards and ran a year long development project together with Kalmar Industries.

"The development collaboration with Kalmar has been engaging. The real test though is only now beginning as the machines go into continuous operation. I hope that the results are just as positive," Lars-Ola Almberg, CEO Frövis, said when the trucks were handed over by Kalmar Sweden.

Assi Domän has signed a rental agreement on the seven trucks, all of which have a lift capacity of eight tons. The trucks will be run in a continuous six-shift schedule by up to 70 drivers who differ considerably in their physical build, skills and driving styles. A spacious cab with good visibility in all working conditions and a rotating driver seat were therefore important considerations.

A new Spirit Delta Space cab represents a significant advance

To be able to offer the drivers an excellent working environment, a completely new cab was created – the Spirit Delta Space. It is considerably wider than the standard cab, and offers both increased comfort and more space. The instrument panel has been re-arranged to provide optimal visibility downwards and forwards but the most unique aspect of the design is that the driver seat, controls and instruments are mounted on a turntable that can be rotated 180 degrees by means of a switch on the wheel panel. In this way, the driver can smoothly and continuously adjust the desired driving position.

The unique aspect of Kalmar new cab, Spirit Delta Space, is that the driver seat, controls and instruments are mounted on a turntable that can be rotated through 180 degrees.

These newly developed trucks for paper handling also have integrated clamp functions for the precise, efficient and, at the same time, gentle handling of paper and board rolls. Vertical holding of objects, the correct clamp pressure at all times and protection against chain slack and unintentional opening of the loaded clamp provide efficient handling. This means that the risk of damage to the rolls is radically reduced.

Hylte Bruk is checking out the concept

Kalmar Sweden has also received an order for an eight-ton hydrostat-powered truck to be delivered in March 2004. Stora Enso Hylte Bruk paper mill has specific needs that Kalmar now has the opportunity of fulfilling. The order involves Hylte Bruk investing in an initial machine to be used in the handling of paper rolls until next summer. If the outcome of the trial is positive, Hylte Bruk has the option of purchasing another six machines of the same type.

"We started out with a list of requirements and wishes, to which Kalmar Industries presented solutions," says Håkan Gustavsson, vehicle technician at Hylte Bruk. "All of the drivers have visited the factory in Ljungby and we feel that Kalmar Industries has given clear and direct answers. The people there really made an effort."

Among the specific requirements Hylte Bruk has set, many deal with the cab and driver environment. Continuous adjustment of braking, as well as the joystick, plus the possibility of rotating the driver seat 180° and smoothly stopping in the desired position, are just some examples. The truck to be delivered to Hylte Bruk will also be equipped with a new computerised control system for the working hydraulics. Moreover, a 25V electrical system that is less voltage-sensitive, is included.

"We are pleasantly surprised as to how smooth and stable the machine is when running with a full load," Håkan Gustavsson explains. "The challenge lies in managing our intensive handling. About 3,000 rolls of newspaper are produced every day and every roll is handled three times on its way from the production line via stowage and quay to loading onto a transport unit such as a roll trailer or container pallet."

Kalmar trucks to SCA cardboard mill in Germany

SCA has two large facilities near Frankfurt for the production of cardboard. Its facility in Aschaffenburg produces 280,000 tons annually and another in Witzenhausen has a production capacity of 300,000 tons. About 200 people are employed at each facility. Kalmar trucks have been used since the early 1990s for the handling of both the recycled paper, which comprises the raw material for production, and finished rolls of cardboard during both storage and loading. SCA has now ordered a total of six new Kalmar trucks.

Kalmar will deliver four eight-ton capacity trucks to the factory in Witzenhausen, and one eight-ton truck and a truck from Kalmar medium segment with a lift-capacity of nine tons to Aschaffenburg. The safety aspects are important, which is why some of the machines are equipped with reverse warning systems. When the truck reverses and nears an obstacle, the "beep-beep" alarm increases in frequency to provide an audible warning while the driver can see the distance to the obstacle on a special display.

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