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Kalmar's compact new RoRo lift truck provides
manoeuvrability and power

Visitors to this year RORO2004 exhibition, being held in Gothenburg from 25 to 27 May, have the opportunity to view the world latest RoRo handling technology, courtesy of Kalmar Industries. Kalmar TRX182 4x4 RoRo tractor design has been overhauled to incorporate a number of new features and enhanced functions. This machine, along with the new generation DCE330 RoRo forklift truck, designed specifically to perform demanding handling duties in confined spaces onboard roll-on, roll-off vessels, are on display at the Kalmar exhibition stand, nr 26.

Kalmar is launching a new generation of RoRo lift trucks, designed specifically to perform demanding handling duties in confined spaces onboard roll-on, roll-off vessels. The new generation features 33 tonnes of lifting power, a reinforced chassis and an even more powerful engine with exceptional torque. Driver environment has been given a facelift with a new, more spacious cab, reduced emissions, automatic gearbox, and lower noise and vibration levels.

RoRo vessels transport a variety of different cargoes, including containers. In order to cope with loading and unloading demands during brief calls in port, reliable and efficient handling practices that make optimal use of space onboard are essential. Says Dan Pettersson, Product Manager, Heavy Lift Trucks:

“RoRo handling is an important segment for Kalmar. We undertake ongoing development work in order to constantly improve our products. The demand for fast, strategic handling requires versatile, high-performance machines with enhanced lifting capacity. Our new RoRo model fulfils the demands of our customers.

Heavyweight lifting
Despite the fact that the new RoRo truck is robust enough to lift loads of up to 33 tonnes, it is still easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Compact design, good visibility and a narrow turning radius make the machine easy to drive, even for less-experienced drivers. The new truck is designed to make light work of all types of RoRo handling, whether it involves sawn timber goods, machine parts, stone or containers. The free lift design of the mast enables deck heights to be exploited to the maximum.

The truck is designed for demanding driving, whatever the climate. Its low centre of gravity gives it stability, while its external dimensions are compact. The new RoRo truck can drive into any space with 2.9 metres of headroom, for example. Its powerful performance and manoeuvrability also make it ideal for sophisticated handling tasks within heavy industry. Andreas Nilsson, Product Manager, RoRo lift trucks explains:

“The robust construction of Kalmar new generation RoRo truck allows it to undertake intensive driving in even the most hostile of environments. By minimising the number of components and selecting tried-and-tested mechanical solutions, we have created a machine with good accessibility. The new machines also require less input in terms of servicing and maintenance.

Better for the working environment
Kalmar has long been developing machines acknowledged for their ergonomics, giving the driver the best tools for working efficiently. The RoRo truck has a brand-new and considerably roomier cab, with enhanced visibility in all directions. Only the mast has been allowed to project upwards from the chassis. Noise and vibration have also been cut to considerably lower levels than in previous models.

The new model also contributes to a better working environment on board the RoRo vessel itself. Each machine has been fitted with a Volvo 7-litre, low-emission engine featuring electronic fuel injection, which is not only more powerful but also more environment-friendly. Maximum exploitation of engine output is achieved using an automatic gearbox, further enhancing ‘driveability’ and productivity.

Smooth interfacing
A computerised control system with CAN-BUS communication and integral electronics makes for higher precision during operation and optimises the interaction between engine, gearbox and lifting gear. The driver has only a small number of instruments and controls through which to address the machine main functions, allowing him to concentrate on cargo handling.

All communications between the machines’ various functions are inter-networked. This increases reliability considerably as the construction requires less cabling. The system records anomalies and errors and displays these to the driver when necessary. In the process of developing these functions, it has also been possible to condense other instrumentation to a minimum.

Service-friendly dependability
The new generation of RoRo trucks is ideally suited to life on board where the machine accompanies the vessel from port to port. Service range has been extended to 500 hours and service points are easier to access. The hydraulics are equipped with leak-free couplings and efficient mechanisms for the cooling and filtration of the hydraulic oil. All machine components have been selected and tested to cope with long-term, intensive applications with the minimum of maintenance.

Continuous development
Kalmar has been developing machinery for advanced RoRo handling since the 1960s and incorporates this extensive experience into each new generation of RoRo trucks and terminal tractors. The company currently occupies a leading position in the RoRo market, with hundreds of machines in operation around the world. Acknowledged for their high reliability and long service life, a great many of the Kalmar machines from previous generations are still in operation and performing well today. This latest RoRo truck represents the natural progression of an integrated system in which all handling equipment works together seamlessly, irrespective of age.

Kalmar: the number one in RoRo
Kalmar has been developing machinery for advanced RoRo handling since the 1960s and incorporates this extensive experience into each new generation of RoRo trucks and terminal tractors. The company currently occupies a leading position in the RoRo market, with thousands of machines in operation around the world. These machines are backed up by a global sales and services network.

The first ever RoRo tractor in the world was a Kalmar machine and the company was also the first to introduce a model with a 180° rotating driver seat. Kalmar pioneered the variable displacement hydraulic system and offered an active tilting system on the 5th wheel before any of its competitors. More than 4,000 terminal tractors have been built at Kalmar Tampere factory in Finland, most of which have been for RoRo applications.

The company has also been at the forefront of fork-lift truck development for RoRo applications for the last 40 years. It has several hundred RoRo trucks in operation around the world, many of which have been travelling onboard vessels from port to port for years.

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Kalmar is a global provider of heavy duty materials handling equipment and services to ports, intermodal traffic, terminals and demanding industrial customers. Kalmar focuses on supplying handling solutions that enable customers to operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine.

Kalmar provides a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Manufacturing plants are situated in Sweden (as is the head office), in Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Malaysia, China and the USA.

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