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Comprehensive servicing agreement gains ground in the forestry industry

Kalmar for guaranteed Korsnäs availability

Korsnäs has signed a comprehensive servicing agreement with KalmarSweden, which will take responsibility for approximately 60 machines, including firewood processors, wheel-mounted loaders and electric trucks and tractors. It is of the utmost importance to Korsnäs that its machines function well as they are constantly employed in the handling of raw materials during production and for the unloading of finished products at Korsnäs' facilities in Gävle.

Korsnäs produces 700,000 tonnes of sulphate hardwood pulp and 660,000 tonnes of cardboard and paper a year. The handling of raw forestry materials is taken care of by firewood processors, wheel-mounted loaders and various other machines for the job of chip and bark handling. The production is operated by approximately 40 electric trucks, used for internal transportation and three tractors with lifting-technology capabilities. Other vehicles are also used to drive finished products to the Granudden terminal where they are then exported.

Jan Ohlsson, Managing Director of Kalmar Sweden, says:

"Since the end of the 1990s Kalmar Sweden has developed a successful servicing collaboration with over fifteen big forestry industries and sawmill companies. We are now a market leader with regard to comprehensive servicing agreements for major handling machines."

Korsnäs selects safety and reliability

Korsnäs opted for Kalmar as it recognised the need for a company that could be depended on for safety and reliability. Korsnäs is well aware of the capabilities of Kalmar Sweden - which has been responsible for the servicing of its terminal tractors since the beginning of 2000. This assignment is now being extended to cater to Korsnäs’ other machines, from big firewood processors that are used in the unloading and feeding of pulp wood to wheel-mounted loaders and electric trucks.

Mr Ohlsson explains what is expected of Kalmar:

"We have been entrusted with looking after a large proportion of Korsnäs' assets. This means that we are responsible for the constant availability of well-functioning machines."

Mr Ohlsson continued by explaining why this service agreement is of great value to both Korsnäs and Kalmar:

"Korsnäs is able to focus its energy into core business developments with the confidence that its machines are being serviced and maintained, not only to the highest possible standards, but also in a highly cost-effective manner. It is proving to be a win-win situation for all involved. For us, it not only improves business, but acts to promote our services in the best possible way."

Comprehensive service agreement gains ground

MrOhlsson continued:

"More and more companies in the forestry and paper industries are signing comprehensive servicing agreements with us.

"We now have servicing agreements with over 15 big companies and are responsible for several hundred machines in all. The customers get guaranteed access to well-adapted machinery with the cost agreed in advance. We work together with each customer to create the optimum solution, based on every operator unique requirements."

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The caption for the photograph reads:

"Kalmar log stacker with a lifting capacity of between 15 and 30 tonnes."

"An electric tractor and trailer: just one of the 60 machines that is now under the comprehensive servicing agreement signed by Kalmar and Korsnäs."

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