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Kalmar launches next generation RTD1623: a revolution in log stacker technology

Kalmar has launched a new generation of log stacker, the RTD1623, to replace the RTD1523, which has been on the market since the early 1990s. Compared to its predecessor, the new RTD1623 offers more capacity, increased stability and even better manoeuvrability, despite having a wheel base 250mm longer.

The new machine incorporates many of the proven and popular features of its predecessors, the RTD1523 and RTD3026 models, but also offers a number of new developments.

A more spacious cabin

The RTD1623 new cabin is based on Kalmar Spirit Delta design but offers a longer frame and provides a number of advantages, including:

  • a 100mm increase in operator leg room
  • larger front screen tilt angle to reduce the level of reflection
  • re-positioned top beam for better upward visibility when stacking

Enhanced access to controls has been achieved with the seldom-used switches being concentrated on the right hand side door panel. Noise reduction has also been further improved.

ECC electronic climate control

The RTD1623 cabin is fitted with an automatic climate control system (ECC) as standard, ensuring optimal temperature conditions for the driver.

Integrated graphic user interface with colour display

An integrated computer displays all of the machine functions, warnings and alarms, as well as allowing adjustment to be made to the log stacker parameters, properties and functions.

The multi-page graphic settings screen features operator, service technician and factory levels, all with different access rights.

Scania DI12 engine with ZF 4WG-261 transmission

The log stacker comes with a Scania DI12 engine with 243kW at 2000rpm (1589Nm at 1400rpm). The new ZF 4WG-261 Ergopower transmission has four forward and three backward speeds. This unique system allows uninterrupted torque even during shifting.

New front tyres for more stable operation

The RTD1623 is equipped with new low-profile 35/65 R33 front tyres with extremely wide footsteps. These ensure excellent traction in all conditions as well as being stable during complex manoeuvring. Single tyres, at 3710mm, were selected to keep the log stacker width within reasonable limits. The tyre width plays an important role in stacking efficiency, especially when dealing with short logs.

New single cylinder steering axle

The RTD1623 steering axle construction is totally new, consisting of a single vertical plate to which the hydraulic cylinder is attached. The piston rods of the steering cylinder are well protected against damage from external particles.

Wide range of grapples available

The new model comes with a 4.8m² grapple as standard, although customers can opt for grapples of between 3.0m² and 7.0m². Kalmar has traditionally engineered the grapple according to the requirements of the individual customer.

Well adapted for sawmill operations

Busy sawmill operations are very demanding. After picking logs from the sorting line, it is necessary to level the log ends by pushing them lengthwise against a concrete wall. The customer can opt for a grapple equipped with tilt suspension in order to protect the log stacker steel structure against extreme shocks. For additional protection, the grapple hangs free at speeds below 3km/h, unless it is force-tilted hydraulically.

Optional boom suspension for a smoother ride

To ensure a smooth drive, customers can opt for lift cylinders equipped with hydro-pneumatic accumulators designed to ensure better suspension, especially useful in terminals with rough ground. The suspension stabilises the ride and effectively reduces the shocks and boom movements, thus eliminating high stress peaks in the structures.

Excellent service access

The new log stacker is built for easy service access. The cabin can be tilted laterally to the left with an electrically operated pump, thus allowing excellent access to the engine, transmission and hydraulic pumps.

The hydraulics are primarily concentrated on the left hand side of the chassis and the main valves and are easily accessible through the door on the side panel. For bigger overhauls, the step module, or cover plate, can be easily removed.

Electrical cabinet and filters for transmission and fuel are positioned behind the door on the right hand side.

All daily checks are easily accessible from outside. The engine and transmission oil, coolant, and window washer tank are all situated next to the cabin access on top of the engine cover. The fuel fill, batteries and the reservoir for the central lubrication system are located on the right hand side of the machine.

Note to editors:

Kalmar is a global provider of heavy duty materials handling equipment and services to ports, intermodal traffic, terminals and demanding industrial customers. Kalmar focuses on supplying handling solutions that enable customers to operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine.

Kalmar provides a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA.

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