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Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd has placed an order with Kalmar Industries for seven Shuttle Carriers, four reachstackers, nine 5-high empty container stackers and 26 terminal tractors for its facility at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Meanwhile, Suria Capital Group, owner of Sabah Ports, has also engaged Kalmar Asia to provide consultancy to another subsidiary, SP Satria, to improve support services to the port through a training and consultancy agreement.

The order of seven Shuttle Carriers represents a breakthrough for this new design in Asia. The so-called one-over-one unit was created for transporting containers as quickly as possible from the quay crane to the terminal area and back. The lightweight machine has a lifting capacity of 40 tons.

Sabah Ports plans to use its seven Shuttle Carriers to support the newly acquired mobile harbour cranes operating on extended piers. Prior to the purchase of the Shuttle Carriers and mobile harbour cranes, Sabah Ports employed a ship-to-shore crane to load and offload directly to a terminal tractor that would then transport containers to the stacking area.

The key to the success of the Shuttle Carrier is its ability to operate independently, leading to a more efficient work cycle for both harbour cranes and transportation equipment.

Port services consultancy
According to Suria Capital Group Managing Director, Haji Abu Bakar Haji Abas, the Group is positioning itself to provide world-class port services. As part of its efforts towards achieving this, the Group has hired Kalmar Asia to train SP Satria personnel to provide quality services, particularly in the handling of port equipment.

As part of the agreement, two staff from Kalmar Asia in Hong Kong will be stationed at Kota Kinabalu Port for one year to ensure the smooth implementation of the programme. Kalmar Asia will assist SP Satria with its management control systems, key performance indicators, training plans and workshop and warehouse management systems, as well as instilling a quality preventative maintenance culture based on its work experience in Hong Kong.

Since 2003 Kalmar Asia has held the Hong Kong Q-Mark Award, which recognises organisations for developments in the areas of quality control, safety enforcement, human resources, job clarity and training scope. The award is accredited every three months.

Suria Capital Holdings Berhad is a public-listed company on Malaysia stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia Berhad.
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