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JingTang Co Ltd, the operator of JingTang Port in Hebei province, China, has taken delivery of a 25-ton Kalmar forklift truck (FLT), with a second due for delivery in October. Both machines are equipped with a detachable counterweight, a free-lift mast and a coil ram for efficient handling.

The Port is connected to shipping routes accessing more than 90 ports, with business connections to more than 30 countries and cities around the world. Handling nearly 26 million tons of cargo every year, the port needed to invest in reliable machines to handle increasing cargo volumes and a growing client base.

Han Gong Qian, Assistant to the General Manager, JingTang Co Ltd, comments on the products available and the customer care offered:

"Kalmar offers a genuine customer oriented service. As an experienced purchaser, I am used to the salesman who degrades other products in order to praise his own. Kalmar spends its time selling its own machines by defining the merits they offer, which makes them easy to work with.

"As a professional company we are aware that the benefits come from the ability to keep a machine running. The key to this is how the supplier handles the breakdowns and this is where Kalmar is beyond comparison."

JingTang is no stranger to the Kalmar product. It purchased its first DC4160RS4 reachstacker in 1995 and has proceeded to purchase various models to aid its container handling operations.

In May 2004 it placed an order for two 45-ton forklift trucks, an acquisition that was closely followed with the purchase of a ContChamp reachstacker. In 2003 JingTang and Spain ACS Group successfully completed a container terminal project at the port. This led to the order, in April 2005, for a second ContChamp reachstacker, with a fully distributed control system, now fully operational at JingTang Port.

Kalmar offers ongoing service support to all its customers. Its technicians are available to fix any problems that may occur to the equipment and then provide a full analysis of what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future.

Says Mr Qian:

"Kalmar has been able to supply us with an accommodating range of container handling equipment and continues to provide an unbeatable service. We are very pleased with the support we have had and look forward to a continuing successful working relationship with Kalmar."

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