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Kalmar, the world leading supplier of terminal tractors, has introduced the first ever series of tractors to use CAN-BUS control technology*.

The advantages of the new machines have not gone unnoticed by Kalmar customers, with orders already placed by ports in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Known as the i-series, these new ‘intelligent’ terminal tractors, TTX182i, TRX182i, and TRL182i, offer Kalmar customers more power and torque. They are more driver-friendly, easier to maintain, and meet the latest environmental regulations.

The i-models are equipped with EU Stage 3A / Tier III engines and an automatic gear control transmission.

The i-models promise Kalmar customers:

 easier and faster handling for the operator;
 more power and torque;
 troubleshooting in one tenth of the time of conventional machines;
 simplified electrical systems and maintenance;
 longer service intervals; and
 compliance with the latest environmental regulations.

Patrik Sjöblom, General Manager of Kalmar Terminal Tractors, comments:

As the productivity pressures on our customers at terminals around the world continue to increase, our driving motivation behind the design of this tractor was to further improve the product performance and durability.

Improved performance is demonstrated in better pulling capacity and a smooth automatic gear change. This combined with the information and data generation that the CAN-BUS control system provides, such as driving positions and fuel consumption, give the operator a new level of easy operation – and freedom to concentrate on the essential: getting the job done efficiently.

Troubleshooting now takes only seconds and there is only one-third of the wire harnesses of conventional machines. This is a remarkable improvement from the point of view of maintenance.

The TTX182i is Kalmar machine for container terminal and industrial operators who require 4x2 (two-wheel drive) tractors for hauling heavy trailers.

The TRX182i is designed for ro-ro operation. Its 4x4 (four-wheel drive) configuration enables it to cope with hauling roll trailers and road-going semi-trailers up often slippery ship-to-shore ramps and ships’ internal ramps.

The TRL182i equivalent to the TRX182i model but designed to specifically to handle mega trailers with low 5th wheel height. This model is also suitable for handling trailer tressels that have recently become more common.

The main advantages of the new
Kalmar i-model tractors include:

Greater comfort for the driver
Kalmar new i-model tractors are faster, safer and simpler to operate. They offer a variety of features that make them more driver friendly, including very smooth, automatic gear changes and a proportional liftspeed control. Furthermore, the tractor has an Auto-Revs-Up function which adjusts the hydraulic oil flow to the optimum level without the driver pushing the accelerator to the floor.

CAN-BUS further helps the driver thanks to its several standard safety features, such as blocking the engagement of forward-reverse, 4WD, king-pin opening and range change when the tractor is moving. The i-model also enables lifting height adjustments and weight control.

Increased productivity
A key component of the CAN-BUS control system is the complete integration of the engine, transmission, hydraulics and other parts of the tractor, resulting in a more comprehensive and effective way of generating and collecting information. Moreover, a single monitor shows all information concerning machine operation and performance, including speed and fuel economy, as well as gear, engine, transmission and pneumatic data, allowing the driver to operate more productively.

Easier to maintain
The display also ensures that maintenance planning is easier because it updates the driver and technicians on the number of service intervals and hours remaining until the next service. Furthermore, in the event of a problem, a fast troubleshooting system notifies the driver immediately, allowing the assessment of necessary measures without delay.

Thanks to the integrated CAN-BUS system, the number of wire harnesses between the cab and frame of the terminal tractors has been reduced to one third in comparison to traditional tractor models. Therefore, the risk of faults occurring as a result of defective wire harnesses, which require time-consuming repairs and potentially impede the entire operation of the terminal, has been decreased.

New engines: more power
The new engines – the Volvo TAD750VE and the optional Sisu Diesel 74CTA – include a range of innovative characteristics, such as an electronically controlled protection system, common rail fuel injection, a new type of exhaust gas circulation and advanced diagnostics, all of which result in improved performance and better environmental friendliness. The pulling capacity of the tractors is also considerably better than that of previous models because of increased engine torque. Meanwhile, the service interval of both engines is also longer than before.

Greater capacity with improved gear control transmission
Dana RTE15822, an automatic gear control transmission based on the well-known 32000 series, is a standard feature in the new tractor models, enabling gear changes to be made smoothly, without tractive effort interruption. Although the system is automatic, the driver can also select the manual gear change mode. Proof of the reliability and durability of the transmission is its service interval, which has been increased by 100% to 1,000 hours.
* CAN-BUS is a communication standard, a looped network, the advantage being that it is easier to connect different modules – comparable in many ways to plug-and play. Engine, transmitter, gearbox, valves etc, all can basically be connected by simply plugging them in.

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