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Kalmar Industries has introduced the brand new DCF 80-100 empty container handler (ECH). The new F-generation unit takes advantage of the latest technology to give customers unbeatable reliability, improved energy efficiency and environmental credentials, and the highest productivity available from a dedicated ECH – all at a reduced total cost of ownership.

The DCF 80-100 was introduced in response to ever-more challenging customer demands, according to Dan Pettersson, Kalmar Product Line Manager, Heavy Lift Trucks & Empty Container Handlers.

Kalmar understands customers’ needs in the empty container handling business and our target is to meet or exceed market demands, he explains. “Empty container handling is a fast-paced job, with customers demanding ever higher levels of productivity and availability, as well as safe and environmentally sound operations.

With our new DCF empty container handler we have focused on these demands and developed a machine with a more powerful powertrain, increased reliability of components, fast and efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting, and enhanced safety and green credentials.

Exceptional productivity
The F-generation ECH, based on the same modular platform as the DRF reachstacker, is available with either a hook or twistlock attachment. The machine offers 10 percent faster average lifting speeds, thanks to the rapid response provided by improved hydraulics with variable pumps. A new electronic and hydraulic system makes it easier for the driver to make fine adjustments, resulting in a more responsive machine. A more powerful engine and a fully automatic electronic TE17 transmission also provide 25 percent better torque and acceleration over existing models on the market.
Going greener
The DCF 80-100 has also been designed to help customers’ respond to their increasing environmental responsibilities. The Tier 3 engines comply with the strictest noise and vibration standards, while the design of the combustion chambers, along with precise fuel injection control, ensures more efficient combustion to provide lower emissions. The variable pumps also contribute to energy efficiency as the hydraulic oil pump for load handling is disconnected during forward drive, thus using engine power to the best effect.

Peace of mind
Improved reliability and availability are also key features of the DCF 80-100, which has been designed for fast daily inspection and incorporates only tried-and-tested components. Importantly, service intervals have been extended to 500 hours, meaning that the machine needs to be taken out of operation no more than six times a year, resulting in minimum downtime and enhanced productivity.

A CAN-bus control system provides fast and accurate troubleshoooting, alerting the driver of any problems on a need-to-know basis and providing the relevant guidance via the control panel display screen.

Maintenance is also facilitated with a new simplified solution for electronic and hydraulic routing over the mast roller, which decreases the stress on cables and hoses. Fewer cables are required for the twistlocks due to the electronic CAN-bus system, while the machines also feature ORFS leak-proof hydraulic couplings. The new design facilitates inspection and servicing access for both operator and service personnel.

Driver environment
The DCF 80-100 has been built for an all-round safer and more comfortable driver experience. Comfort is acknowledged with a separately suspended and isolated cabin, along with a sympathetically designed control panel layout and fully adjustable seat. The provision of 360º visibility from the Spirit Delta cabin and the open design of the mast are both in line with the free visibility principle. The unit also features improved working lights, which are located on the mast and directed towards the twistlock. All these features contribute to safe operations and increased productivity.

Customer seal of approval
The DCF 80-100 has undergone successful trial operations at Felixstowe and Southampton in the UK, and Los Angeles in the USA, as well as with long-time Kalmar customer Kramer Group – a Rotterdam-based empty container terminal operator that provides storage, repair and transport services. Kramer also sent a number of drivers to Sweden to test the machine. As a result, the company has ordered five units, three of which will be delivered this year and two for delivery in early 2008.

A further DCF 80-100 unit has also been delivered to another Dutch customer, Barge Terminal Tilburg (BTT).
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“Kalmar introduced its new DCF-series empty container handler featuring optimum performance and improved total cost of ownership savings. The machine offers faster lifting speeds, a cleaner engine and longer service intervals.

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