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Finnish port operator Steveco Oy aims to expand its container handling capacity at the Port of Kotka with a new order for 10 Kalmar EDRIVE straddle carriers. The new ESC440W machines will be capable of stacking 1-over-3 high, one container higher than Steveco's straddle carriers currently employed at the Mussalo Container Terminal in Kotka. Delivery of the first units will commence this summer with the final machines expected to arrive in October 2008.

The order further strengthens the two parties’ close relationship as well as solidifies Kalmar's global market leadership as the number one supplier of straddle carriers.

For years, Kalmar and Steveco have worked side-by-side in the Port of Kotka's maintenance area. Kalmar's own service workshop is located next to Steveco's, so daily interaction has guaranteed the continuous operation of the company's machines.

Jouko Kyrola, President of Kalmar Finland, explains:

"The latest order from Steveco is a result of our past success in supporting its existing Kalmar straddle carrier fleet in Kotka. They have turned to Kalmar yet again for reliable, environmentally friendly equipment, which will help them handle the expected influx of containers at Mussalo.

Another important deciding factor for Steveco was Kalmar's commitment to meet its strict delivery schedule.

With container traffic on the rise, more and more port terminals are looking for fast and efficient ways to meet the demand. Kyrola continues: “By further heightening its stacking blocks with taller straddle carriers, Steveco has opted to expand its storage capacity in a way that is extremely cost-effective as well as flexible to the overall operation.

Steveco's request for Kalmar ESC straddle carriers exemplifies its vital need for productive machines that incorporate low operating costs. The units will feature electrically controlled engines, which lower exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption - making them eco-friendly as well as commercial viable. Additionally, all of the new units will feature Kalmar's proven 7th generation technology consisting of an enhanced CAN-bus PLC diagnostics system, fly-by-wire controls and directly PLC-controlled engines and AC drives.
The new machines will replace some of the 20 Kalmar straddle carriers already in operation at Mussalo. A selected number of these existing 1-over-2 high straddle carriers will be transferred to Steveco's terminal operations at the Port of Vuosaari in Helsinki after all of the new units are received. Steveco has also commissioned Kalmar for the refurbishment of three Kalmar CSC 340 straddle carriers for its Helsinki operations.

The Mussalo Container Terminal at the Port of Kotka was the first terminal in Finland dedicated exclusively to container traffic. Today, through dynamic development and strategic investments, Mussalo is the largest container port in Finland handling a record 461,874 TEU in 2006. With plans to expand its logistics area to a total of 500 hectares in 2008, the terminal is prepared to handle 1 million TEU annually.
Note to editors:
Press information can be found on Kalmar website: Simply click on News Room to be taken to a list of recent press releases. A photograph to accompany this press release is also available on the Kalmar website, by clicking on Press Pictures. The caption for the photograph reads:

“As shown in the photograph, Steveco Oy currently employs several 1-over-2 high Kalmar straddle carriers at Finland Port of Kotka. The port operator recently opted for 10 new Kalmar 1-over-3 high EDRIVE straddle carriers, a flexible alternative to cost-effectively adding more storage capacity."

Kalmar is a global provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment, automation applications and related services. It is the world's leading supplier of cargo handling equipment to ports, terminals and intermodal facilities.

Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. The company also supplies a wide range of machines to demanding industrial customers for applications as diverse as handling steel and paper to shunting road trailers at distribution hubs.

Kalmar is also leading the way in port automation applications with its application of unmanned container handling technology, on-board smart features and remote maintenance products developed in co-operation with customers and partners.

Kalmar's product range is complemented by a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA. Kalmar's net sales were EUR 1.343 billion in 2007.

Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation, the world's leading provider of cargo handling solutions, which are used in local transportation, terminals, ports, distribution centres, and ships. In 2007, Cargotec's net sales were EUR 3.018 billion. Cargotec's class B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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