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2008-05-07 Mediterranean ports opt for Kalmar


The Mediterranean supply chain continues to invest in the container handling capacity of its Moroccan and Spanish ports by placing more orders for Kalmar all-electric rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes.

Kalmar has received an order for 10 E-One+ units from Somaport operating at the Port of Casablanca. The 7+1 wide and 1-over-5 high RTGs, outfitted with Bromma twinlift spreaders and Kalmar autosteering and container position verification system, Smartrail, will be delivered by the beginning of 2009.

Somaport – a terminal stevedore owned by COMANAV, which was recently acquired by French shipping and logistics giant CMA-CGM – also opted to outfit its cranes with Kalmar Remote Machine Interface (RMI), a tool for remote machine monitoring, maintenance tasking and reporting. The decision emphasises Somaport commitment to ensuring maximum machine uptime, taking it even a step further with an agreement which calls for Kalmar to perform full-maintenance on its cranes for a seven-year period.

Michel Geernaert, Director, Port Division, Kalmar France S A, says that Kalmar dedication to the local market was instrumental in finalising the agreement. He explains:

For many years, Kalmar has worked hard to meet the handling needs of Somaport global parent company. Kalmar commitment to establishing a local service set-up in Morocco convinced Somaport and CMA-CGM that Kalmar customer-driven solutions and efficient, hardworking cranes with minimum impact on the environment were the best fit for its operation.

Furthermore, Kalmar promise of fast, reliable on-site service backed by its global network of experienced maintenance technicians reassured Somaport that its terminal will operate with the highest machine availability.
Demand for Kalmar RTGs continues at Tangier Mediterranean Port, the brand new, state-of-the-art container handling facility located at the Northern tip of Morocco and at the crossroads of the major East-West and North-South shipping routes. Tangier Medgate S A – a joint venture formed by Eurogate, Contship Italia, MSC, CMA-CGM and COMANAV, Tangier Medgate – recently exercised an option for five Kalmar RTGs on top of the 11 cranes ordered in the middle of last year.

All 16 of the 7+1 wide and 1-over-5 high E-One machines, featuring Bromma twinlift spreaders and Kalmar Smartrail, will be delivered starting in May of this year with the last units arriving early 2009.

Spanish terminals seek innovative, reliable Kalmar RTGs

Orders for Kalmar RTGs are also strong in Spain, a country which is quickly modernising its ports and terminals to efficiently handle the influx of Mediterranean transshipment.

Kalmar has received an order for two E-One+ RTGs from Abra Terminales Maritimas (ATM), S A operating at the Port of Bilbao. The new 1+7 wide and 1-over-5 high units featuring Kalmar automation tool Smartrail will be delivered starting in October, joining ATM five Kalmar RTGs already in operation.

ATM purchased the units from Kalmar as part of an investment programme to update the terminal infrastructure and acquire the latest in handling equipment. The terminal operator commitment to efficiency is evident with its additional request to retrofit its eight existing RTGs with Smartrail. Operating with five ship-to-shore cranes and 13 RTGs, ATM handled 500,000 TEU in 2007.

Container terminal Port Nou at the Port of Barcelona recently awarded Kalmar an order for two E-One RTGs featuring a 16-wheel design which offers a reduction in ground load pressure over the traditional eight-wheel model, thus minimising wear and tear on the terminal surface. The 1+7 wide and 1-over-5 high units will be equipped with Kalmar Smartrail and replace the operator two existing RTG cranes.

Fuel consumption was a critical concern of Port Nou which opted for Kalmar RTGs with Variable Speed Generators (VSG) to reduce both energy consumption and pollution. VSG systems optimise engine use by determining whether the crane needs increased power for heavy lifts or little power when idling.

The order from Port Nou signifies Kalmar penetration into the competitive Spanish RTG market. In 2007, the Port of Nou handled more than 52,000 TEU ranking it as the third busiest container terminal in Barcelona.

Four 1+7 wide and 1-over-5 high Kalmar E-One RTGs were recently delivered to OPCSA terminal in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The port handled 1.3 million TEU in 2007 placing Las Palmas on the fast-track to becoming one of Spain busiest port terminals.
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Press information can be found on Kalmar website: Simply click on News Room to be taken to a list of recent press releases. A photograph to accompany this press release is also available on the Kalmar website, by clicking on Press Pictures. The caption for the photograph reads:

“Booming Mediterranean ports continue to invest in their container handling capacities with more orders for Kalmar reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly all-electric E-One RTG cranes.

Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. The company also supplies a wide range of machines to demanding industrial customers for applications as diverse as handling steel and paper to shunting road trailers at distribution hubs.

Kalmar is also leading the way in port automation applications with its application of unmanned container handling technology, on-board smart features and remote maintenance products developed in co-operation with customers and partners.

Kalmar's product range is complemented by a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA. Kalmar's net sales were EUR 1.343 billion in 2007.

Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation, the world's leading provider of cargo handling solutions, which are used in local transportation, terminals, ports, distribution centres, and ships. In 2007, Cargotec's net sales were EUR 3.018 billion. Cargotec's class B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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