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22-elevator package from MacGREGOR for Norwegian Dawn


Space-saving elevators specified for two newbuildings

Two new passenger ships featuring elevator outfits from MacGREGOR will benefit from a new modular MonoSpace installation method that has been developed to maximise cost-savings and outfitting time

The MacGREGOR Group's Passenger Ship division has won contracts to supply elevator outfits for two prestigious passenger ships: a 2,800-passenger cruiseferry at Kvaerner Masa-Yards in Turku for Color Line, and Birka Line's 1,800-passenger cruise ship under construction at Aker Finnyards.

MacGREGOR will supply 19 elevators to Color Line's 74,600gt cruiseferry, the largest in the world. Eight are dedicated passenger elevators, seven are service/passenger elevators and four are service elevators. Three of the passenger elevators are the scenic MiniSpace* models, two are conventional, and the remaining types are MonoSpace*.

Birka Line has specified a total of 10 elevators and one dumbwaiter for its cruise ship, and the order includes three MiniSpace scenic types, three MonoSpace standard passenger types, and four MonoSpace service elevators.

Modular installation

Each project will use MacGREGOR's new modular installation method for MonoSpace elevators. The elevator trunk, except the top module, is constructed by the yard during the block-building/outfitting stage, and it then fits horizontal 'C-profiles' inside the trunk to be used later for mounting guide rails. It is completely finished (with the exception of the top trunk module) before any installation work commences, including painting and insulation. No additional trunk re-enforcement is required, as this will be included in the modular elevator supply.

Once the elevator trunk is finished, all elevator equipment is delivered at once, and first the pit foundation - including buffers for the cars and counterweight - is lowered into the trunk pit. The elevator car and counterweight are lowered into the trunk between the respective guide rails, and the pre-assembled top trunk module including machinery, controller, transformer, guide rails, and doors, is then lifted in to place.

When the trunk outfitting is ready, the machinery is connected, and the elevator can be operated to finalise adjustments. Trunk outfitting work progresses from the bottom to the top, using the elevator car as a working platform, which is operated with a temporary hoist during this stage.

All equipment needed for trunk outfitting is then inside the elevator trunk, and the installation work can start immediately. It is a cost-effective and time-saving installation method, and allows for architectural details to be decided late in the schedule.

Both MonoSpace and MiniSpace employ the super-compact gearless EcoDisc* hoisting drive to provide an elevator concept that occupies less space and weighs less than conventional traction elevators, offering benefits to both shipowner and shipyard. Space savings inside the machinery rooms of up to 50 per cent are made using this system, and weight savings of 10 per cent, in addition to a 40 per cent reduction in power consumption. MonoSpace is the first practical elevator that does not require a machinery room.

* MonoSpace, MiniSpace and EcoDisc are trademarks of KONE Corporation, and are being used by the MacGREGOR Group under licence from KONE.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Bjorn Stenwall, MacGREGOR (FIN) OY, Passenger Ship Division
Kuumolankatu 1, FIN-05801 Hyvinkaa, Finland
Tel: +358 2 412 11 Fax: +358 2 4121 329

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