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Another complete catering system from MacGREGOR specified for ferry sistership


Hatch covers for feeder container ship series from China for shipowner Hermann Buss

Twelve 900 TEU feeder container ships (plus four options) booked from China Zhejiang Yangfan yard by German owner Hermann Buss are specified with MacGREGOR liftaway hatch cover sets

Container capacity in the Germanischer Lloyd-classed tonnage will be arranged in the four holds, on the hatch covers and on a weatherdeck area immediately forward of the superstructure. The 129m-long x 22.6m-wide x 11.8m-deep design will offer a deadweight of around 8,300 tonnes on a draught of 8m.

Each MacGREGOR weatherdeck hatch cover shipset will comprise 14 liftaway panels, with twin-panel sets yielding a clear opening 6.6m long x 15.6m wide in hatch 1A, 12.6m x 15.6m (hatch 1B), and 12.6m x 18.2m (hatches 2 - 4B). The covers are designed for a uniformly distributed loading of 1.75 tonnes/m2, and container stack load ratings of 45 tonnes/20ft units (hatch 1A) and 60 tonnes/20ft units and 90 tonnes/40ft units (hatches 1B 4B).

In addition, it is possible to stack three bays of 45ft containers or two bays of 49ft containers on the hatch covers. The covers will be manufactured in MacGREGOR partner plant NCSC in Nantong under MacGREGOR supervision.

Weathertight sealing between hatch covers and coamings will be secured by sliding-type rubber packing, and between the panels by a double rubber lip with special MacGREGOR end-pieces.

MacGREGOR Flexipad support pads will be bolted to the hatch cover outside to act directly against the coaming top, transferring the weight of the cover and containers to the ship hull.

Container-handling deck cranes mounted fore and aft can be deployed to manoeuvre the covers when opening and closing the hatches, in conjunction with a spreader or wire slings. The covers can be handled in a non-sequential order.

MacGREGOR will also supply a range of container securing fittings for each ship.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Yee Joo Poo, Area Manager, MacGREGOR (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.
Room 1701-1705, Pidemco Tower, 318 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, PR China
Tel: +86 21 6391 2798, Fax : +86 21 6391 2276

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