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LNG carrier orderbook success for MacGREGOR hose-handling cranes

MacGREGOR has been highly successful with its hose-handling cranes tailored for LNG carriers, as well as its provisions cranes, and has delivered or has on order hose cranes for about 50 of these vessels.MacGREGOR has successfully adapted its standard hose-handling and provisions cranes for LNG carriers specific requirements. It is important not just to stick to a standard product but also to be flexible and listen to the customers needs, says Anders Berencsy, sales manager responsible for hose-handling and provisions cranes at MacGREGOR. And we are in a good position having met the tough demands of LNG carrier shipowners and shipbuilders.

One adaptation required is longer crane outreaches but without increasing lifting capacities. Outreaches up to 25m are common. There are often requirements for remote controls, either by cabled or wireless handsets. Stainless steel wire ropes, couplings and fittings for hydraulic hoses are also common at least at the enquiry stage, Mr Berencsy says.

We are constantly updating our products, and one new improvement is the introduction of textile-sleeved hydraulic pipes on deck, to containing any leaks locally. MacGREGOR can, of course, fulfill all the special requirements needed for LNG carrier cranes. Our cranes on board are now also being used to handle free-fall boats. Everything is possible.

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