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Asia boosts good start to year for MacGREGOR crane business

Fuelled by buoyant worldwide demand for new ships, MacGREGOR crane business continues to secure orders for varied ship types

MacGREGOR has secured a large number of crane orders in the early part of the year. Much of the activity has been driven by shipbuilding projects in China, Korea and Singapore where MacGREGOR has recently won orders for over 40 cranes for various cargo handling purposes.

MacGREGOR has also received orders to deliver 15 GL-cranes for five newbuildings built at Szczecin Shipyard, Poland. The cranes will be manufactured in Poland by MacGREGOR production partner, Remontowa.

The US Navy has so far awarded MacGREGOR three out of four options for upgrading the cranes on board its Hauge class vessels. Each ship will have two twin-sets of TGL4026-2. One twin-set of cranes has a lifting capacity of 80 tonnes, and when combined in a quad-lift they can hoist 150 tonnes.

Cargoport in Venezuela has ordered four K3028-4HD cranes with eccentric platforms. These will be installed on a transloading ship and be used for trans-shipping iron ore and other products off the Orinoco river mouth. These cranes are designed for heavy duties, and will be manufactured at MacGREGOR Chinese partner L┬╝zhou.


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