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Cargotec Marine Service in Norway signed a frame agreement with Incentra covering 450 installations


Grimaldi renews and extends its maintenance contract at corporate group level with Cargotec

25 January 2010

Cargotec has secured two new MacGregor Onboard Care all inclusive contracts

Cargotec has secured two new MacGregor Onboard Care all inclusive contracts. One is a continuation of a three-year agreement with the Naples-based RoRo shipowner, Grimaldi Group. This contract was signed at the end of 2009 for a total of 27 vessels and includes an option for a further two-year extension. The other contract, signed in January 2010, will cover any service issues onboard nine vessels that are owned by Grimaldi Group subsidiary, Atlantic Container Lines (ACL), and are managed by ACL Ship Management (ASM).

Grimaldi Group corporate purchase director Giancarlo Coletta says that: The renewal and extension of the maintenance agreement with Cargotec is proof of the confidence that the Grimaldi Group has gained in applying a preventive maintenance programme to vessels in its fleet.

This is a prelude to the wider extension of these concepts to all vessels and controlled companies of the Group. It also demonstrates how a partnership approach is paying back in terms of a customer-supplier relationship, Dr Coletta highlights.

The continuation of the contract shows the fruitful co-operation and partnership with our VIP customer, says Roberto De Gioia, Cargotec marine service regional manager for the Mediterranean. It covers all the RoRo access equipment for a total of 27 vessels and is valid for three years, with an option for a further two.

Our commitment is to provide operative availability of equipment and ensure sustainable ship operations and earning capabilities, Mr De Gioia explains. And the new highest level of cover agreement demonstrates the best value for the Grimaldi Group.

He adds that: The experience achieved from the past three years, and the real partnership acquired from working with our customer, was invaluable during the process of considering the new concept and the large number of ships involved. It is vital to listen to customers needs and communication is a key factor to success. Also, being close to our customers makes it possible for us to respond quickly and offer our expertise and technical know-how.

ACL Ship Management is totally owned by Swedish company Rederi AB Transatlantic, which takes care of ship management and crewing for Grimaldi Group subsidiary, ACL. The three-year contract (with an option for a further two) will cover nine Grimaldi Group-owned vessels. Five 58,000 dwt G3 series vessels trade between Sweden, Europe and the US/Canadian East Coast. The remaining four Grande series ships trade between North Europe and West Africa.

The scope of contract includes full responsibility for the vessel MacGregor stern ramps and stern doors. The G3 series Jumbo-class stern ramp has a design load of 420 tonnes and the quarter-type Grande series ramp is designed for a 150-tonne load.

Cargotec MacGregor Onboard Care service concept offers customers sustainable ship operations and revenue earning capabilities by ensuring the operative availability of equipment through planned maintenance products. Today, over 430 vessels are protected by a MacGregor Onboard Care agreement that takes care of hatch covers, cranes, RoRo equipment, offshore devices, bulk selfunloaders and linkspans.

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Caption: Cargotec commitment is to provide operative availability of equipment and ensure sustainable ship operation and earning capabilities.


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