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Cargotec to supply 24 electric cranes for bulker series


Korean power plant to benefit from Cargotec bulk-handling capabilities

9 November 2009

As part of a collaborative delivery with Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, Cargotec will deliver and install four Siwertell screw type coal unloaders for use at Korea Western Power Company Taean Power Plant

At the end of August Cargotec won the contract to deliver four Siwertell screw-type coal unloaders to Korea Western Power Company Taean Power Plant. The delivery is part of a collaborative agreement with a Korean manufacturer, Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.

Cargotec has technological responsibility for the project and will complete the design and the delivery of key sub-systems. Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries will deliver the gantry, belt conveyors and hydraulic system, as well as undertaking the unit assembly at its shipyard in Korea. Hyundai will then deliver the units completely assembled to the Taean Power Plant and carry out final installation and commissioning together with Cargotec.

The units will be built in Europe, China and Korea. Both Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries and Cargotec will deliver components, but we are responsible for the design of all deliveries, explains Jonas Fack, sales director for Cargotec Bulk Terminals. Korea Western Power has chosen this particular system because of the demand it is experiencing for increased power-generating capacity. Also, adopting this technology means changing from environmentally unfriendly inefficient grab cranes to new efficient, clean and continuous screw-type unloaders.

Cargotec offered the company the best balance between quality, performance and price. Our system has proven performance unloading coal. Other advantages include its adaptability to existing conditions; capacity to accommodate various ship sizes; lightweight construction; efficiency; and dust and spillage-free operation.

Each of the Siwertell units ordered is rated at 2,000 tph and can handle ships up to 200,000 dwt. The first two units are planned for delivery by October 2010 and the second two by March 2011.

This is not the first time Cargotec works in partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries; in 2003 and 2006 together they delivered a total of four coal unloaders to a power plant in Yong Hung, Korea, each with an unloading capacity of 2,400t/h for ships up to 200 000 dwt.


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Caption: Shown above is one of the four Siwertell coal unloaders installed at a powerplant in Yong Hung, Korea, each with a capacity of 2,400t/h and for ships up to 200 000 dwt. They are the same unloader type as those ordered for the Taean power plant

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